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Best Ways For Kids To Stay Active

By Lauren Ikenn

Staying active is SO important, especially for kids. Not only does it get them into the habit of working out early but it also helps with their endorphins and energy levels. While the list of children’s activities is endless, we rounded up some of the best ways for kids to stay active, along with some great places to take them. 

  1. Enrolling in Indoor Rock Climbing: Indoor rock climbing not only works your children’s muscles, but it’s something they’ll look forward to. With places all over the country, such as ABC Kids Climbing, Planet Granite and Brooklyn Boulders, indoor rock climbing is a great way to keep your children active.
  2. Taking Ice Skating Lessons: Ice skating works most of your children’s muscles and it’s a skill they’ll thank you for later. While your children can take skating lessons at specialized skating schools, most public rinks, like The Glacier Ice Arena, offer lessons for children of all ages.
  3. Participating in a Multi-Sports Program: Your kids may not know what sport they want to play yet and that’s okay! Multi-sports programs, such as Kids In Sports, allow your kids to try multiple sports and decide which they want to pursue in the future.
  4. Taking Swimming Lessons: Swimming is not only a great way to stay active but it’s also a great skill to learn. While there are many reputable places to learn how to swim, Goldfish Swim School is a BCB favorite and it features diverse programs for children of all ages.
  5. Playing Sports: While this is somewhat of an obvious choice, playing sports are a great way for your children to stay active AND build lifelong friendships. Regardless of what sport your child chooses, he or she is bound to have a great time. (If your child chooses soccer, there’s no better place to learn than Lil’ Kickers).
  6. Going To A Kid-Friendly Gym: Kid-Friendly gyms are great for everyone. With diverse classes, ranging from Ninja Training to Big Muscle Playtime, places like My Gym and Kidville are a must for kids of all ages.
  7. Taking Dance Lessons: Who doesn’t love to dance? In addition to keeping your children active, dance can improve their coordination and flexibility. Whether you sign your kids up for tap, ballet, jazz or one of the many other genres, they’re bound to love it. (For ballet, you can’t go wrong with Tutu School).
  8. Learning Gymnastics or Karate: Both gymnastics and karate are great ways for your children to stay active and have fun. While there are places all over the country with classes in both, The Little Gym is one of our favorites, as it provides a safe environment for your children to learn new skills and grow.

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