Five Tips For Working Out While Pregnant

working out while pregnant

Your belly is growing, your energy is depleted and the last thing you want to do is workout! We hate to break it to you but it’s important to get moving – assuming all is well in your pregnancy and you have your doctor’s permission, of course!

We caught up with Tracy Schy, Chief Sweat Officer at Wheelpower Studio. (Bonus: Wheelpower Studio is a VIP partner…take her classes!)  She teaches heart pumping and uplifting spin classes along with strength and TRX.  She recently gave birth to her third child. In her first two pregnancies, she didn’t make working out a priority and recovery was really hard for her. This time around, she worked out (and taught classes) until near the end and bounced back quickly. Although Tracy is in great physical shape to begin with, there is something to be said staying active during pregnancy.

Here are some of her tips:

  • The best thing to do is keep doing what your body has become accustomed to doing. Don’t add new stress. If you do 30 minutes a few times a week on the Elliptical, stick with that.  If you have an endurance base and already do a more intense workout you  can continue to do that but don’t take up something more intense. (as always consult your physician first)
  • Add in some light strength training to compliment your cardio. Just remember not to lie flat on your back once you pass 20 weeks and of course no horizontal core work.
  • Work on your balance. Be careful, but it’s one of those things that totally gets thrown off the bigger your belly grows. The more you work on it early on, the better you’ll be throughout.
  • Cardiovascular activity is actually very beneficial to the brain development in utero. Just be careful not to get your heart rate above 80%. Get on a stationary bike, just don’t over exert yourself.
  • Feeling like hitting the gym is too much? Take a walk 2-3 times a week just to keep yourself active and moving (editor’s note: it’ll help you get used to doing it with the stroller once baby comes!)
  • There are tons of great group class instructors trained in prenatal fitness. Be vocal and let the instructor know you are pregnant. Any well trained instructor should be able to accommodate.