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Grace Elizabeth's Birth Story

By Lindsay Pinchuk

After sharing my pregnancy journey with you throughout 2017, I’m excited to kick off 2018 by introducing you to Grace Elizabeth!
The weeks leading up to my date I was so anxious. As someone who loves to plan, not knowing when I would go into labor was killing me. Every unusual pain or new feeling made me think that maybe I was starting to go into labor. At each weekly doctor appointment I would get excited to see how much further dilated I was. I stayed about 1-2 centimeters dilated until I went into labor, and it was certainly getting frustrated that I wasn’t making any progress on that front. At my 39 week appointment, we made an appointment to induce labor for 40 weeks and 6 days. I was really hoping we wouldn’t have to wait that long. Not only was I so excited to meet our little girl, I was also just so uncomfortable at that point I was done being pregnant! My due date came and went and still no signs of baby coming. At our appointment that week (the day after my due date), our doctor gave us the option of moving up when they would induce me a couple days and I gladly took it!
That night Brett had a work outing planned to the Jay-Z concert. I had told him that if we hadn’t had the baby by that point he could go. I’m pretty sure our friends and family were shocked that he was at a concert when I was one day overdue, but I was pretty convinced that this baby wasn’t going to come on her own and we had already scheduled to be induced that Friday.
Of course as luck would have it, my water broke and I went into labor at about the same time the concert was starting, while Brett was at the Jay-Z concert. My contractions weren’t yet regular, and to be honest I wasn’t actually sure if my water had broken at all because it certainly wasn’t the large gush of water you see in the movies so I figured I would just wait it out until Brett got home a few hours later. When he did get home, I told him I thought I might be in labor and he was ready to leave for the hospital right away. My contractions were still anywhere from 6 – 10 minutes apart and I really didn’t want to go to the hospital until they were more regular. The last thing I wanted was get to the hospital in the middle of the night only to be turned away. (Knowing now that my water had actually broken we would have been admitted right away.) I told Brett to try and get some sleep and I took a shower, tried picking up the house a bit and waited it out.
Finally around 2:30 am I felt like it was go time. I don’t remember much of the drive to the hospital (at this point, my contractions were about 1 – 2 minutes apart), but Brett says he may have ran a red light or two. We arrived at the hospital and left the car with the valet and headed straight to triage. Brett started unloading the car and this may have been the only time I came close to losing it. I got so upset with Brett for bringing all our bags (and a sleeping bag that I made him take back to the car) into triage when I still thought we might be turned away. Luckily we were the only ones there!
Once checked in, they confirmed my water had broken and I was sent up to delivery. Not too long after they came in to give me my epidural and Brett left to call our parents. Getting the epidural was one of the best things ever and even though my contractions weren’t as painful as I thought they would be, I still can’t imagine going through labor without it. Once I had the epidural Brett and I were able to sleep until around 11, when the nurses started to come check on me more regularly. My parents arrived around noon and Brett’s parents, who had driven up from St. Louis that morning, were at the hospital shortly after. We all sat around talking for a couple hours just waiting for me to get to 10cm dilated. I wasn’t planning on having anyone in the room with us, but it really made the time go by a lot faster while we waited. Once it was go time, we kicked everyone out and got to work. We had an amazing team of doctors, nurses, residents and interns coaching us along and just over an hour later at 4:49 pm, Grace Elizabeth was here! She was 6lbs 11oz and 20 in long. She is the sweetest, most chill baby and our love for her grows more and more each day!
Thank you for following along with my pregnancy!
As Rachel transitions to new motherhood, we are getting excited to announce our next pregnant blogger. Stay tuned!!

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