Ways To Celebrate The Olympic Games As A Family

ways to celebrate the olympics as a family

After much anticipation, the 2018 Winter Olympic Games are almost here! This Friday, February 9, NBC will air the opening ceremonies, which signifies the beginning of these beloved games, and while young children may not understand the Olympics’ significance as much as adults do, there are still plenty of ways to get them involved and excited about what’s to come. 

  1. Play Winter Olympic Games: Whether you create an Olympics scavenger hunt or have family Olympics contests, games are a great way to help your children understand the Olympic Games and enjoy themselves as they watch.
  2. Watch Old Olympics Videos: Videos are a great way to show the significance of the Olympics Games to your little visual learner. Not only will they see old footage firsthand but they’ll have a better understanding of how things have changed over the years.
  3. Try Olympic Sports For Yourselves: While some Winter Olympics sports are too hard for little ones, there are still some you can try. Renting a pair of skis or going to your neighborhood ice skating rink are both great ways to spend the day together and celebrate the Olympic Games.
  4. Create Olympic Traditions: Family traditions are the things your children will remember forever. It doesn’t matter what the tradition is, all that matters is that the entire family enjoys it and that it carries on.
  5. Host An Olympic Themed Party: Turn the Olympics into a party. Invite over your family and friends to watch the different Olympic events together. This is one way to make sure your little ones never forget the time they spent watching the 2018 Olympic Games.
  6. Bake Olympic Themed Treats: There are so many delicious treats you can make for the Olympics. Some great ideas are Sorbet Torches, American Flag Rice Krispie Treats and Olympic Celebration Cookies. Not only will your whole family enjoy eating them but your children will have an amazing Olympic memory to cherish forever.
  7. Make Olympic Themed Crafts: Arts and crafts are a great way to involve your children in the Olympic Games. Teach them the significance of the Olympics while making Tissue Paper Olympic Rings and DIY Olympic Medals.
  8. Introduce Your Culture and Heritage: The Olympics are a great time to not only explain to your kids where you live in relation to other countries but to also explain where your family is originally from.

The Olympics is the world’s biggest competition and it’s meant to be celebrated. Get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy this milestone as a family. Stay tuned for our Q & A with a gold medal winner tomorrow!