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Shawn Colvin on Motherhood, Touring and Her New Children's Album

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Shawn Colvin may be best known for her 1996 hit, Sunny Came Home, but she’s still producing the great folky music we loved back then. Her latest venture is a children’s album called The Starlighter available exclusively on Amazon music. She’s also about to embark on a tour with Lyle Lovett. We caught up with Shawn to talk about the inspiration for her music, what it’s like to raise a daughter as a touring musician, and how this children’s album came to be. Make sure to read to the end for a fun playlist from Shawn and a SNEAK PEEK of her newest music video of Hush Little Baby, the perfect, delicate lullaby for your little ones. (editor’s note: I sing this song to my little one every night!)
Tell us about your new children’s album The Starlighter.
This is a companion  to the children’s record I  made 19 years ago called Holiday Songs and Lullabies.
What is it that’s so inspirational about Lullabies and Night Songs to you?
I aimed to stay true to the original piano arrangements by Wilder. I’ve played the songs in this book since I was 8 years old.
How do you balance being a mom and a singer?
What I try to balance is being a mom and a touring musician. It isn’t easy. All I can say is thank goodness for texts and cell phones and Facetime.
Your daughter is 19 and that’s a tough age. What advice are you giving her as she navigates this crazy world?
I tell her she can be anything she wants to be and to do what she loves. I try to let her make her own mistakes but I am there for support and advice when she asks for it. I tell her I love her every day.
What advice would you give to a new mom?
I’d say that it’s a tough, relentless job and the most rewarding experience of my life. I believe it takes a village and that one must have the support of those who understand what it is like being a mother. Also, a mom must find time to nurture herself, as hard as that can be in the beginning. Prepare to be selfless, but put your oxygen mask on first.
What’s your favorite part about being a mom?
I guess my favorite part is what being a mom has taught me about love and acceptance and family and trust and faith. It taught me to give and let go of control as best I can. It’s taught me an untold amount about myself and things I thought I knew but really didn’t.
You are about to go out on a tour with Lyle Lovett — so exciting! How do you take care of yourself while traveling so much? It’s hard as a mom to put yourself first sometimes…
Primarily I get enough rest. I try to exercise and eat well. I remind myself that, even though I travel, I am doing my job and putting food on the table.   have gratitude that my job is something I love and that I’m setting an example for my daughter with that reality.
Where do you find inspiration to write songs?
Anywhere I can get it!  My relationships, an intense feeling, the beauty of words, overheard conversations, and even pressure and deadlines
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And Shawn pulled together a list of her favorite songs and who wouldn’t love a list that included The Beatles and Stevie Wonder!

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