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WATCH: Everything You Need for a Perfect Skincare Routine

By Lindsay Pinchuk

We all know skincare is important but with so many different creams, serums, masks and moisturizers out there how do we know what we really need?  Beauty expert and makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, who lives by her Lazy Perfection mantra that none of this should be too much work, took us to Target to get a bunch of different skincare products. We left with a shopping bag of goodies but had no idea how to use them! So we sat down with Jenny to learn the ins and outs of skincare, from the order you should apply all of these to why sunscreen is SO important. We also learned that taking off your makeup at night is crucial and why wipes are an “emergency only” product. We hope you enjoy our chat with Jenny Patinkin below:

We are SO excited that Jenny Patinkin will be joining us at this year’s BCBeauty Bash on March 7th at the Apogee Lounge at the Dana Hotel. Hear more amazing tips from Jenny, indulge in a night filled with pampering, eats + drinks, and go home with an AMAZING gift bag filled with the best beauty products around. Get your tickets here before it sells out.

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