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Crib Notes from a New Mom: Marina Squerciati

By Lauren Ikenn

Marina Squerciati spends her days playing Officer Kim Burgess on Chicago P.D., but at home she’s a regular mom taking care of her baby girl. Marina gave birth to her precious bundle of joy last year and ever since she’s been on the rollercoaster we call motherhood. Below are some of Marina’s new mom “lifesavers,” which help her get through even the longest of days.

  1. Sleep Sack: ErgoPouch

These are beautiful organic sleep sacks. I worry about the baby being cold at night during these brutal Chicago winters. The sacks come in different levels of warmth, so you can pick how toasty warm you want your little peanut to be. Also, they’re really pretty. A lot of kids stuff is made in garish colors. I love the muted earth tones on these Cocoons.

  1. Toy: Slinky Brand Single Pop Toob

The greatest toy, ever. I’ve yet to find a kid who’s doesn’t take to it, immediately. I have been known to pass them out on planes to parents in need. Thus, I keep a few in my purse at any given time.

  1. Pacifier: MAM 

Where does the other sock go when it comes out of the drier? It’s probably hiding somewhere with all the lost pacifiers. I think I’ve bought at least 50, and I have about two left. These are great and inexpensive. To be honest, my kid spit out any other kind of pacifier, so that’s a review in and of itself.

  1. Clothing: Crew & Lu and Oeuf 

Hands down my two favorite kids clothing brands. They’re beautiful, made from fabulous fabrics, and have great patterns, but they’re not overly girly. I’m not a big fan of clothing with bows and frilly. (I’ve told this to my nanna many times. and yet every time she babysits she dressed the baby like a pink layer cake. Nanna does what nanna wants.)

  1. Skin stuff: Babyganics (for Baby)

I feel like I’m doing a good thing, using organic products for the baby BUT at the same time not spending all the money doing it. Dude, organic stuff is really pricey! Babyganics is affordable and organic. Win, win. (Side note: I just got the bubblebath from Babyganics as a gift. I’m really looking forward to seeing how she reacts to bubbles! I am crazy excited about it. My friends without kids think I’m nuts. New moms, you get me, right? Right???)

  1. Skin Stuff: Ursa Major (for me)

I work long hours and I have a baby. I am always tired. Always. So, a good skin routine is crucial. Also, since I’m breastfeeding, the ingredients in my skin care products are important. This line is super natural and works. The Golden Hour cream is my go to.

  1. Wipes: Water Wipes 

Best makeup remover/baby wipe. I use it after work to take off the makeup, too. Love them.

  1. Diapers: Pampers

I got a ton of Pampers diapers for my baby shower (thrown by Sophia Bush and Amy Morton) and I became a fan. That line on the diaper that tells me she’s wet, is a life saver. Waiting for them to invent a poo poo line, though. I never in my wildest-childless dreams, thought I’d be smelling a baby butt through her clothes to see if she’s pooped. Sigh.

  1. Diaper Pail: Ubbi

It holds that poop well. It looks nice. What else can I say here? You need it. YOU NEED IT.

  1. Carseat: Britax 

We’re moving out of the baby car seat phase and into the toddler one. I travel a lot for work and this Britax carseat is amazing for travel. You can buy a travel wheels accessory so you can pull it and don’t have to lug it. (#blessed) Also, you can get a travel bag for it too. This is nice because every time I’ve gate-checked a stroller plane side, it’s come back damaged. Once my stroller came back missing a wheel and the airline employee told me, “But, it still works!” (insert DEATH STARE)

  1. Baby Food: b.box and SiliSkin

I like them. They’re cute and easy to use. I like the feel and so does the baby.

  1. Mama Food: Summer House and Jar Bar 

Cookies from Summer House and cake in a jar from Jar Bar, because anyone that tells you that you can be a mom without stress eating cake and cookies IS LYING.
Check back soon to watch our exclusive interview with Marina and keep up with her motherhood journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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