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Our Pregnant Blogger Bethanie's Big Gender Reveal

By Lindsay Pinchuk

We actually got to find out super early (at 12 weeks) thanks to an early gender DNA blood test (from SneakPeek tests). You can find out as early as 9 weeks – we found out at 10 weeks with Deuce! And we decided to host a fun and unique gender reveal dinner. My mother-in-law got the results sent to her email and hosted the dinner for us. See our gender reveal below!

As you can see from the above… we’re having a GIRL! We are soooo excited to welcome another girl into the family (we have 2 girls and a boy already). Honestly, it didn’t matter either way to us… we have both genders, love both genders, and would’ve been excited either way.
Gender Reveal
I’m almost 20 weeks now and we have finally decided on a name: Bronx Elliot. Our daughters are named Brooklynn and Harlym, so we thought we would keep the “New York” theme alive and going with baby #4.
The name Elliot is kind of a funny story. After the Eagles won the superbowl, my husband said that baby #4 was going to have the middle name “Foles” for Nick Foles. (In case you don’t know, my second daughter’s name is Harlym Jeter, after Derek Jeter. My husband obviously picked that name, lol.) I told him that I’m drawing the line at Foles and it’s not gonna happen. And of course we fought about it for days (maybe months). I’m telling you, the love of sports runs deep with my husband!! Finally we compromised on a different Eagles player’s name: Jake Elliot. So here we are, finally decided on a name.
I can’t wait to share more with you next month on the blog and continue taking you all along this journey with me! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, my handle is @thegarciadiaries. I post a lot of fun stories about my pregnancy and my kids. 

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