DIY Easter Crafts For Kids

diy easter crafts for kids

Easter is a few days away and while everyone has differing family traditions, crafts are a great addition to all holiday gatherings. These DIY Easter crafts are bound to keep kids of all ages entertained and out of trouble, resulting in a memorable, stress-free holiday for the whole family. Check out the complete list of crafts below.

  1. Peek-A-Boo Clothespin Eggs: Your kids will love making these clothespin eggs this Easter. (Photo and instructions from:
  2. Easter Chick Handprint Card: Thanks to this fun craft, your little one will have a card to give to one lucky family member. (Photo and instructions from:
  3. Paper Easter Wreath: Not only is this a great craft but it leaves you with an adorable decoration for your house. (Photo and instructions from:
  4. Easter Bunny Plate: These festive bunny plates are easy to make, making it the perfect Easter craft for all ages. (Photo and instructions from:
  5. Paper Bunny: Who wouldn’t want to make these paper bunnies? (Photo and instructions from
  6. Handprint Chick Puppets: This will be a cute thing to save as a keepsake. (Photo and instructions from
  7. Easter Sun-Catchers: These sun-catchers are a great way to celebrate Easter and welcome spring. (Photo and instructions from
  8. Easter Bunny Mason Jars: Geared toward older kids, these mason jars make the perfect Easter craft and household decoration. (Photo and instructions from

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