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Meet Some of Our Favorite Siblings on National Sibling Day

By Lindsay Pinchuk

It’s National Sibling Day, a time to celebrate those brothers and sisters you love so much. We thought it would be fun to check in on some of Bump Club and Beyond’s favorite siblings, the kids of our sales directors Lindsay Frost and Katie Blozis. Life in Lindsay and Katie’s house could not be more different. Lindsay is raising three boys, and Katie, four girls. They both gave us some insight on what it’s like in their households.

The Blozis House: 

Having 4 girls in just over 5 years is so much fun!  We spent last week in California for Spring Break. Due to work, my husband had to meet us there so I had to fly across the country with all 4 of them by myself. Knowing that we couldn’t all sit together, I spent a lot of time thinking about which configuration would have the least amount of fighting and whining. I ended up putting the youngest with me and the other 3 in a row by themselves. Harleigh, my youngest(2) is the wild card of the bunch. While her older sisters love her dearly, she doesn’t always reciprocate that love, so I thought it was best to keep her on her own. 🙂 It was so fun during the flight to see my oldest, Grace(7) really step up and be the little mama for my 3rd. At home, she doesn’t always step in to this role. Typically it is Avery(5), my second that is looking after her younger sisters and tends to be a bit more sensitive to everyone’s needs. Our days in California involved swimming, golf cart rides, a few outings and a lot of dancing.
With 4 girls, there is always dancing, singing or some type of gymnastics “class,” happening at our house, usually led by my oldest or a neighbor. I do what feels like 200 loads of laundry a week because the outfit changes are endless and I’ve lost the energy to look at something to decide if it is clean before washing.  There is a lot of whining, which I’ve been told is a girl thing, but there is even more love. My girls are so lucky to be growing up with three best friends right under their roof, even if they don’t understand that quite yet.
The Frost House: 
I remember when I was pregnant with my third I read this quote: “When you have two children, there is one relationship between them. One. Easy peasy! When you have three children, it doesn’t just double—it sails right over to three.”

What has been the most fun for me to watch with having three boys  is three very different personalities and three very different relationships grow and develop.  My older two boys love to wrestle and compete.  Everything from brushing their teeth to running up the basement stairs seems to be a “race.   It’s as if they are little raccoons that quarrel with each other constantly – not with words but with jumping on top of one another.  But oh how sweet and gentle they can be with their little baby brother.  Like all phases I know this is fleeting and in no time, the baby will be playing Wrestlemania alongside them too.

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