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Ten Fun (and mostly free!) Outdoor Activities For Kids

By Lauren Ikenn

Oh how we’ve been waiting for spring to arrive to get our kids OUTSIDE!  The weather has been enough to drive us, and our kiddos, stir crazy. If the weather is finally breaking in your neck of the woods, or you’ve been fortunate enough to live in a place with amazing weather year round,  you’ll love these fun outdoor activities. Ten great reasons to get out into nature.

  1. Go to a Park: Parks are great. Not only are there parks just about everywhere but they normally have something for everyone, ensuring all of your kids remain happy campers.
  2. Play a Sport: Sports are known to bring people together and it’s no different for kids. Have your kids call up their friends or family and get a fun game of baseball or basketball going.
  3. Break Out the Bubbles: Bubbles are always a hit, especially with younger kids. Is your little one having a bad day? One bottle of bubbles is sure to cheer him or her up.
  4. Play Catch: A nice game of catch never disappoints. Whether you’re playing with them or they’re playing with their friends, it’s the perfect way to keep them occupied and enjoying the outdoors.
  5. Play in a Sandbox: Who says you need to go to the beach to build a sand castle? Simply find your nearest sandbox and get to work.
  6. Have a Water Balloon Fight: While this may be messy, it’s always fun and it’s bound to keep your kids entertained for a while.
  7. Create the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt: Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Since you create the rules, this is a great idea for kids of all ages.
  8. Color with Chalk: Whether your little ones color on your driveway or your deck, they’re sure to be entertained for hours and create an adorable masterpiece.
  9. Go on a Bike Ride: On top of being great exercise, this is something the whole family can do together. Not a bike family? Your kids can also break out their scooters or roller blades.
  10. Explore the Outdoors: While this may sound simple, most kids don’t take the time to explore what’s around them. This is a great way to teach your kids about everything from plants and grass to bugs and other living beings.

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