When Did You First Feel “Like A Mother?”

like a mother

CALLING ALL MOMS! We want to hear from YOU!

This Mother’s Day, we want to know all about the moment you first felt “like a mother.” We are looking for stories that run the gamut from tear jerker to hilarious about when you really felt like a mom for the first time. It could be changing your first blowout diaper, hearing your own mom’s words come out of your mouth, or when you started functioning on two hours of sleep. Whatever your story is, we want to hear it. We will feature many of your stories on the BCBlog and our favorite stories have the chance to WIN amazing prizes from our Mother’s Day gift guide and VIP memberships.

like a mother

Please submit all stories by May 1 to samantha.lande@bumpclubandbeyond.com with the subject: Like a Mother.