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A Playlist To Brighten Up Any Bad Day

By Lauren Ikenn

Bad days suck! (but they are inevitable…). Luckily for your little ones though, they have you to cheer them up. Music is a great way to turn that frown upside down and make a sad day better.  Next time your little one’s crying over spilled milk (literally), put on this bad day playlist and start a dance party. Before you know it, the bad day will be just a distant memory.
Three-time Grammy nominee, Justin Roberts puts it best: “Music adds color to whatever is in front of you. It can totally change your mood, either by uplifting you or by mirroring your own experience and making you feel understood. Right at this moment, I’m looking at an office that needs to be cleaned and bills that need to be paid and my wife is practicing some Jacquette De La Guerre on her cello for an upcoming concert. It sure makes my task ahead seem much more fun than it is!”
This Bad Day Playlist playlist includes music from some of our favorite children’s artists, as well as the exclusive premiere of Kira Willey‘s song, “Brand New Day,” off her upcoming summer album, “Every Voice.” Enjoy!

Like what you hear? Please support their music by heading to their websites and purchasing their songs:
123 Andres – www.123andres.com
Ants Ants Ants – www.antsantsants.com
Ladysmith Black Mambazo – www.mambazo.com
Tim Kubart – www.timkubart.com
Lisa Loeb – www.lisaloeb.com
Sara Lovell – www.saralovell.com
Red Yarn – www.redyarnproductions.com
Justin Roberts – www.justinrobertsmusic.com
Suzi Shelton – www.suzishelton.com
Kira Willey – www.kirawilley.com
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