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Like a Mother: This is OUR destiny

By Lindsay Pinchuk

My husband Dan and I were married in the spring of 2009.  We both wanted kids right away. We tried for months on our own and after a trip to the fertility clinic, we were told we would require IVF in order to conceive.  The next nine years would be filled with so much heartbreak.  We underwent 8 IVF procedures, 3 IUI’s using donor sperm, 4 rounds of IVF using donor embryos, 2 major surgeries and every time, we failed to conceive.  Each time we tried a new procedure, we’d try to do something a little different in hopes we would get pregnant.  Doctors tried to give us hope, but it was not to be.  After my last round, I mourned every single loss all at once and felt so defeated and the dream that I wanted more than anything was gone.  It felt like a death.
In September of 2016, my husband sat me down and told me he wanted to get off the “hamster wheel” and asked if I would consider adoption.  It took all of a day for me to realize this was our destiny.  We weren’t meant to experience a pregnancy, we were meant to be parents to an unwanted baby.  After everything we went through, adoption was a whole new process to undertake. Lots of paperwork, interviews, doctor visits and much much more.  In January of this year, we “matched” with our birth parents.  They chose us among hundreds of hopefuls. We felt honored and relieved.  Shortly after we visited the biological parents, we went with them for a 3D ultrasound.  THIS was the moment I felt like a mom.  I watched the screen as the ultrasound wand rolled over another woman’s belly and still felt like he was mine.  He was perfect.  He is perfect.  He is due in June but this will be my first Mother’s Day….even if he’s still growing inside another woman.  We are ready to finally shed all the sadness and heartbreak and start celebrating. We know this boy is going to be so lucky to have us for his parents, and we will maintain an open relationship with his biological parents so he knows where he comes from.  We love him so much already and can’t wait to hold him and tell him about our journey to finding him.
We are Carrie and Dan Zampich, we reside in Atlanta, GA, and since 2009 we have been trying to have a child.  After years of devastating losses, this year we matched with our expecting parents and our baby boy is due soon!
“This is OUR Destiny” is part of Bump Club and Beyond’s “Like A Mother” series. These submissions detail the first time amazing moms around the world felt like mothers. Stay tuned for more “Like A Mother” blog posts in the coming weeks.

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