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Like a Mother: Finding the Nuances

By Lindsay Pinchuk

When this topic came across my computer I was immediately drawn to it and started thinking deeply about when I felt like a mom.  Then I realized how hard it is to pin point the day, or the moment that it happened. Our journey has been a ride of up’s and down’s.  There was no labor, no placing my babies on my chest, no meeting them for 24 hours because of how sick I was. My twins were born at just over 32 weeks gestation and were quickly whisked away to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU) where I had to try to get in my head that they were not sick babies they were small babies that I could not see for a day so I could get medication on board to protect my brain.  Did I feel like a mom sitting in a hospital room without my children? Did I feel like a mom asking nurses if it was ok to pick up my own children? Did I feel like a mom leaving my babies in a hospital when I went home and back for 38 and 40 days? The sad answer is no. I had “Layaway Babies”. Babies that we surely were paying for financially and emotionally but did not get to take home until they could accomplish certain tasks.  Tasks that I really could not help them with. They needed to grow.
When we finally took them home and I was attached to a pump while feeding my babies and living on less sleep than ever that’s when it hit.  For the previous 5 weeks I did not get sleep because of that darn pump, but I didn’t have tiny humans who needed me to get them fed and clean and happy.  I remember late one night or morning when I was feeding the fellas and I started noticing some differences in my identical little boys. When I could tell them apart like no one else and that’s when I was a mom.  I was crying in a mess of hormones still worried that I had ruined them forever because of my body falling apart, but I was their mom and we were going to persevere together as a family.
I had done all that I could do to help them thrive and I would never quit on my tiny and mighty boys.  They saw me as their mom and it was time that I felt like it too. As time passes I still see them as individual people and tell them apart from their cries, their looks, and their budding personalities.  That’s my mom story. My own journey. Our journey together.
“Finding The Nuances” is part of Bump Club and Beyond’s “Like A Mother” series. These submissions detail the first time amazing moms around the world felt like mothers. Stay tuned for more “Like A Mother” blog posts in the coming weeks.

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