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Nursery Design: Top 2018 Trends

By Lauren Ikenn

Nursery design and baby room decor has come a LONG way since many of our parents decorated our own bedrooms.  Today there are so many options and the products are constantly changing. BCB checked in with top designers to find out what they’re seeing RIGHT NOW in nurseries across the country. 

Terri K. Trost, TROST | creative

Founder of TROST | creative, Terri K. Trost on top nursery design trends:

  1. Fun Wallpaper: Make sure to select a fun paper that will still be classic in 18 years and evolve with your child at each stage of life.
  2. Fun Ceilings: Whether it’s painted a color, a pattern, or wallpapered, the ceiling is a surface that is often forgotten about and can add an extra dimension.
  3. Mixing Patterns, Textures and Art: This is the perfect way to create a look that’s eclectic, yet effortlessly put together.

Caitie Smithe, Walter E. Smithe

Designer for Walter E. Smithe, Caitie Smithe on top nursery design trends:

  1. Deep, Dark Greens in a Baby Boy’s Room: This color is an unexpected alternative to blue and makes for a great backdrop to a cute outdoor-woodland themed nursery.
  2. Purple, Violets, and Lavenders in a Baby Girl’s Room: Purple is having a big moment right now. Pantone has even named Ultra Violet the color of 2018. It’s a fresh and bright alternative to pink.
  3. Calming Grays in a Gender Neutral Room: I love calming grays mixed with bronze metals. It’s a sophisticated combination and it gives you a great neutral palette. Once the gender mystery is solved, you can easily add some more gender specific accessories.

Malorie Goldberg, Noa Blake Design

Co-Founder of Noa Blake Design, Malorie Goldberg on top nursery design trends:

  1. Acrylic: Lucite is back with a vengeance and it is a great way to make a nursery feel slightly more sophisticated and chic. We’re seeing clear cribs, rockers with plexi legs and tons of artwork framed in acrylic boxes.
  2. Wall Decals: Brands like Urban Walls have completely re-invented the idea of decals. With vibrant, trend-driven designs that blend right into the wall, they’re almost mimicking wallpaper. Decals allow you to be creative and own the way you design your wall.  The best part is that they’re temporary so you can change the space as soon as your baby starts to grow.
  3. Wall Hangings: Everywhere we turn, boho chic seems to be taking over nurseries. One of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve this look is through wall hangings. Whether you have an oversized dream catcher, a mid-century wall planter or a tapestry draped from a rod, wall hangings are happening, big time.

Beth Williams, Project Nursery

Managing Editor of Project Nursery, Beth Williams on top nursery design trends:

  1. Big Florals: Whether it’s wallpaper or decals, flowers don’t have to just be dainty. Nurseries continue to go bold with large florals generally on one accent wall.
  2. Sleek Cribs: With so many nursery decor options to play with, more parents are selecting cribs with sleek silhouettes and less fussy finishings to seamlessly blend into their nursery design.
  3. Word Play: Sentimental or quirky, framed hand-lettered quotes or carefully selected sayings on letterboards are having a moment in the nursery and they are a great way to add personality to the space.

Suzanne Price, Sprout San Francisco

Founder + CEO of Sprout San Francisco, Suzanne Price on top nursery design trends:

  1. Flame Retardant Free Furniture: Since some municipalities are banning flame retardant’s in furniture, more parents are aware of the harms of these chemicals.  They are seeking glider chairs and crib mattresses that are made without flame retardants.
  2. Simple Bedding: Gone are the days of matching bedding sets including bumpers and crib skirts. Most people now purchase simple crib sheets that are either solid or have a subtle pattern, and instead use wall decor to create a decorative look in their nursery.
  3. Soft Wall Hangings: A great example is a swaddle with a beautiful design, so that nothing heavy hangs over the baby’s crib or changing table.

Stay tuned to the BCBlog for more Top Design Trends of 2018. In the meantime you can check out some of our favorite nursery essentials and must-haves. 

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