BCB Friday Favorite: The Cellairis Bundle

cellairis bundle

Tune in every Friday for our Friday Favorites, as Bump Club and Beyond shares our favorite parenting products, brands or services that makes parenting that much easier. 

The Cellairis Bundle is not just a phone case.  In the world of busy parenting, it is peace of mind for your phone and one less thing that you have to worry about.  How many times have you dropped your phone on the ground and panicked about the screen cracking?  Or your child threw your phone and you worried about the damage caused?

The Cellairis Bundle (starting at just $49) offers a variety of stylish case options for your devices while guaranteeing that you never have to worry about breaking the screen on your cell phone or tablet ever again! The Cellairis Bundle’s Never Pay Guarantee means that once you install your case and screen protector and register your device, if your screen does happen to break, Cellairis will fix it for free an unlimited amount of times for three years. All you must do is bring it to one of Cellairis’ hundreds of participating locations.

When you purchase the bundle, you’ll select one of the protective Cellairis Rapture Cases and receive the “shell shock” tempered glass screen protector with the guarantee of free, unlimited screen repairs for three years.  If you crack your phone or iPad screen, stop into one of the 500 Cellairis locations nationwide and they’ll fix it for free.  If they can’t fix it, they’ll pay you up to $150.  Click here for more information on the Cellairis Bundle.

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