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Collette Wixom: What’s In My Diaper Bag

By Lauren Ikenn

Four years ago, after realizing that most children who were considered “fashionable” were wearing designer clothes, Collette Wixom started Mini Style Hacker. Since then, Collette’s goal has been to show people how they can recreate these beloved designer looks without breaking the bank. Using her three adorable sons as models, Collette uses her blog and social media to provide her audience with tips and tricks for obtaining fashionable, affordable and functional apparel for both children and moms. Collette shared with us some of the products she keeps in her diaper bag at all times, for both her three children and herself. Check them all out below!

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I love my Herschel Supply Co. Strand Sprout Duffle. This stylish bag has internal organizer pockets and comes with a folding easy-wipe changing mat, making it the ideal diaper bag.


  1. Gerber Puffs, $3.19: These are my secret weapon! If Wyatt every gets cranky or bored, I bust out these bad boys. He is obsessed with them and will sit still for a good 20 minutes while he shoves handfuls into his mouth.
  2. Baby Brezza Transition Cup, $8.99: It’s hot here in California. I have to bring water everywhere. Wyatt will chug from this cup more than any others I’ve tried. Stay hydrated people!
  3. Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray, $5.95: This is hands down best travel hand sanitizer.
  4. Gogo squeeZ Organic Applesauce Squeezes (Apple Cinnamon), $0.99+: Wyatt LOVES apple cinnamon and these squeeze pouches are perfect for on-the-go snacking.
  5. Olio E Osso Lip Balm No. 4, $28.00: This is my all time favorite lip balm. I use it instead of lip stick. It feels like a luxurious lip balm but shows up as a perfect subtle color.
  6. EOS Lip Balm Strawberry Sorbet, $3.49: For the kids, I love EOS lip balm. I have to replace this every two weeks or so though because Grey eats it. Don’t worry! Poison control says he’ll be fine.
  7. Water Wipes, $32.99: I love these wipes because they aren’t full of chemicals. They’re great for sensitive skin and can be used on all three of the kids’ hands and faces.
  8. Pampers Cruisers, $47.16+: These are my go to diapers because they are thin but still super absorbent.
  9. An extra pair of Slip-On Vans for Wyatt ($30.00+), Nununu World sweats and sweatshirts ($40.00+), Cotton On Kids graphic t-shirts ($16.99+), and Janie and Jack shorts ($10.99+): As you can imagine, Wyatt has a large wardrobe. I bring a few different outfits with me when on-the-go because….well, he’s a baby and babies are messy.


  1. Cooking Utensils and Random Toys: Wyatt loves spoons, spatulas, etc. The older boys insist on having a few “guys” (action figure toys) in my bag in case they get bored somewhere.
  2. So Many Rocks: Ryker and a friend started a “rock business” last year. He basically picks up rocks, cleans them up and sells them to kids at school. I’m not sure if this is allowed but I love his entrepreneurial spirit. So, he is constantly collecting rocks.
  3. Loose Change for Candy Machines: Grey has a real sweet tooth. I use change as a bribe for his good behavior.
  4. Napkins: Because boys are gross.
  5. My Car Keys: Which I can never actually locate. I just know they are in there because the car starts when I have my bag with me.
  6. Crumbs, sand, a random baby shoe and my iPhone.

For more on Collette Wixom, check out her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
Don’t forget, one lucky winner will take home a prize package filled with some of Collette’s favorites from Water Wipes, Olio E Osso, GoGo squeeZ and Baby Brezza, PLUS a $50 Amazon Gift Card from BCB. CLICK HERE TO ENTER TO WIN.


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