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Meet our Favorite Moms: Austin Edition Part 1

By Lindsay Pinchuk

We’re heading to Austin this week for the second stop on our Gearapalooza 2019 Tour!  Many of you may not know this, but Austin was actually the second city with Bump Club Events.  We started hosting our signature events in ATX in 2010. We debuted our first Gearapalooza outside of Chicago there in 2011.  And the rest is history.  
We’ve been incredibly fortunate that the amazing ATX community has embraced BCB and our mission for the last nine years.  We have made so many amazing friends and partners and look forward to our annual Gearapalooza trip there every year.  In case you didn’t know, BCB hosts FREE play dates and workouts every single month with our partners across Austin.  Also, if you haven’t checked out BCB VIP—Austin has over 100 local discounts for parents and parents-to-be to take advantage of. 
As an ode to one of our favorite cities in the US, we want to take some time today and tomorrow to introduce you to some of our favorite ATX moms.  All of these amazing women will be joining us at Gearapalooza this weekend!

We’d like you to meet…

Name: Bryn Huntpalmer
Age: 33
Kids and ages: Adelaide (7), Darwin (5), Harvey (4 months)

Where do you live? Austin
What is the best part about where you live?  We love the opportunities to get outdoors with greenbelts all around the city and the tacos are pretty great too.
Favorite thing to do with your kids in your hometown.  We love spending the afternoon at a kid-friendly brewery (yes this is a thing in Austin!) where they can play in the dirt while we enjoy mostly uninterrupted adult conversation and a cold beer.
Favorite date night in your hometown.  We actually love day dates more (probably because we are so sleep deprived with a new baby). We love to get some yummy food at a restaurant where we wouldn’t take the kids and then walk around South Congress or catch some live music.
What are five things that you could not “mom” without? 

  1. One new thing I discovered while pregnant is all of the uses for essential oils and I have become obsessed—they support my mood, my skin, my kids’ moods (we love them!).
  2. I also have finally realized how important it is to get enough sleep and food and to always have my water bottle. I get super cranky when my basic needs are neglected!

When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do. I like to get out of the house. Being a work-from-home mama can get a little isolating so when I have a free hour or two I like to just grab the keys and head out whether that’s on a walk or a trip to the grocery store.
Who are your “mom idols”?  (Moms you look up to as women and parents.)      I have so many really. I love how many friends I’ve made in the entrepreneur world that are momming and running businesses.
What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood.  It’s so cliche but seriously enjoy the baby years. I know it feels hard because you’re in it and you’re sleep deprived and you’re going through so many highs and lows but now that I have school aged kids and a baby I can really appreciate how sweet the baby years were. Big kids are hard in a whole new set of challenging ways and they can talk back! 😉
Tell us a little bit about your blog/IG account/online persona and what is your mission behind it (we want to urge our readers to follow you!)
I have a podcast called The Birth Hour—each episode is a mama sharing their birth story, we also share lots of pregnancy, birth and postpartum images on Instagram @thebirthhour. Last year we launched an online childbirth class that both expecting moms AND dads are raving about called Know Your Options. Lastly, I share more of my personal life and wellness tips on Instagram @bumptobabyessentials.

We’d like you do meet…

Name: Kaylee Baggerly
Age: 29
Kids and ages: Adelaide, 17 months

Where do you live? Austin, TX
What is the best part about where you live? Austin is really a big small town. Everyone knows everyone somehow and the focus is on family and friendship here. We love that you can have fancy or chill great food, a beautiful trip to a local spring fed pool, a hike up through the green belt ‘forests’, a drink at a fantastic winery/brewery/cidery and still come home all within the same day.
Favorite thing to do with your kids in your hometown. I love to take my daughter to play at the Hive, on walks around our neighborhood green belt and to try out new parks and splash pads!
Favorite date night in your hometown. My husband and I love Winebelly and Fabi + Rosi; we spend our date nights enjoying our favorite food and a bottle of wine…and usually come home to snuggle and watch Netflix together. He travels during the week so any time we can just be together is special to us.
What are five things that you could not “mom” without?  (Products, apps, anything that helps you to be a better mom.)

  1. Diaper Cream Applicator(the butt spatula): works to make it so you don’t have to ruin a manicure, don’t add more germs to your baby’s bum, and can get a solid, even amount of cream on baby’s bum after any diaper change. A game changer during teething poos and during hot summer humid months here in Austin. Comes in a regular or travel size with a carry case so you can take it on the go!
  2. Iplay Baby Swimsuit with a Built-in Diaper (the easiest way to change a diaper with a toddler at the pool or beach): I really struggled with taking Addie to the pool with a million swim diapers that barely held anything in; so when I found this swim suit with a built in diaper, that is super absorbent, cute and PULLS on with sizes 0-24 months, I went for it. It took the stress out of going to splash pads around town after work together!
  3. Tegu Magnetic Blocks(how I keep my child quietly entertained with minimal clean up when she’s sick at home but I still have conference calls): these come with a travel case and are magnetic so you just bend down one time and they all click together. They come in lots of colors and great for traveling but also great sensory toys that entertain the kids. Who doesn’t think magnets are cool?
  4.  Nuby Sticky Trayand Tommie Tippee Pocket Bib(how I reduce clean up while my toddler throws food everywhere at 6am and I’m trying to get out the door to work): so I had to figure out a fast routine for getting us both out of the door to daycare and/or to an office and found that these trays and bibs are a magic trick.
  5. Fawn Design Diaper Bag : A bag that makes being a momma look fashionable!

When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do. I like to turn music up loud and sing in my car with the windows down, do hot yoga, do my BBG workouts …and take a bath with a glass of wine! <3
Who are your “mom idols”?  (Moms you look up to as women and parents.) I don’t really have one single one. The women in my mom tribe, especially my neighborhood, inspire me every day. They each have unique circumstances and balance crazy careers, multiple children, are healthy and put together, and always look on the bright side. We are truthful about what’s hard, what works and what doesn’t work right now and help each other make the sometimes difficult choices to keep all the balls in the air. I think you become the 5 people you surround yourself with most – and I hope their awesome influence rubs off on me, even in the slightest ways <3
What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood. Find time to love yourself. Moms spend so much time worrying and coordinating everyone’s lives – family logistics, school/daycare, pick ups/drop off, meal times, tummy time, you name it – but we need to be able to ask for space and time for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a lot; but at least something where you can rest and recharge so you can be your best very of yourself. And then, you can also be the best momma you can be.
Tell us a little bit about your blog/IG account/online persona and what is your mission behind it (we want to urge our readers to follow you!) I am the working momma behind Balancing by Design at instagram handle @kayleemariebaggerly. I coach working mommas on how to balance their life and create the life they want – be it by juggling a demanding career, the trials and tribulations of parenthood, and building and maintaining strong relationships as a wife, sister and friend. To do this, I connect them with resources, products and experiences to design the life they want. My mission is to show women that you can ‘have it all;’ I believe you just cannot do everything well all at the same time and thus may not have every part ‘of it all’ all at the same time.

We’d like you to meet…

Name: Sarah Viebrock
Kids and ages: Adalyn (4) Emery (4) {Twins}, and Harper (18 months)

Where do you live? Dripping Springs, TX (just outside of Austin)
Favorite thing to do with your kids in your hometown: Load up the kids and spend the evening at Treaty Oak (local distillery with food and a playground and tons of space to run) with our neighbors under the oak trees.
Favorite date night in your hometown.
Tillie’s restaurant at Camp Lucy Hill Country Resort with one of the best views and food in Dripping!
What are five things that you could not “mom” without?  (Products, apps, anything that helps you to be a better mom.) 
Backpack diaper bag: They have super cute ones now and let’s be real, as a mom you need allll the hands!
FamCal app (or any family calendar app):  My husband and I both use this to keep everyone’s schedule straight.
Puracy baby products: These are my FAVORITE baby lotions/bath products/ soap etc and the best part is they’re based out of Austin!
Mom friends! You cannot survive without mom friends!
A good babysitter. Really this should be number one. You have to get time away for girls’ nights and date nights and just time to yourself so that you can recharge and fill your own cup so you can pour into your babies.
When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do.  Listen to podcasts (love the Rise and Rise Together podcasts), spin or barre class at the gym, go shopping at Target or Hobby Lobby alone (every moms dream.)
Who are your “mom idols”?  (Moms you look up to as women and parents.)  Rachel Hollis @msrachelhollis (of course), Amber Massey from @masseya, Erin from @cottonstem, Holly from @ourfauxfarmhouse
What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood. Every single baby and child is different. So don’t stress because we truly are all learning as we go. No one is going to know how to parent your little one better than you.
Tell us a little bit about your blog/IG account/online persona and what is your mission behind it (we want to urge our readers to follow you!)  The name of my blog (and all of my social media accounts) is Delivering Motherhood. The name came to be because I wanted to share a mix of real life motherhood moments/tips/experiences but also mix in some of my knowledge and experiences as a labor and delivery RN. So on my blog you will find a mix of all of those things in addition to some home decor and diy projects mixed in! My mission is to spread the word that no mother is perfect and we are all literally just doing the best we can, and that, is enough.  You can find us @deliveringmotherhood on Instagram too.
Make sure to check back tomorrow to meet more of our favorite ATX moms, including BCB’s own, Robin Smith! If you’re in Austin and your an expectant or new parent, don’t miss Gearapalooza on Sunday afternoon!  Join us and all of these amazing moms featured here for an amazing day just for you!  We’re bringing  you the BEST baby gear, products, services + safety information in one action packed event!  For more information and registration CLICK HERE.

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