Meet Our Favorite Moms: Austin Edition Part 2


We introduced you to a few of our favorite Austin moms earlier this week…and now here is part two!  As an ode to one of our favorite cities in the US, we want to take some time today and tomorrow to introduce you to some of our favorite ATX moms.  All of these amazing women will be joining us at Gearapalooza this weekend!

We want you to meet…

Name:  Robin Smith:

Age: 41
Kids and ages: Nova age 4, Halle age 2, and baby #3 coming September 2019!
Where do you live? Cedar Park (but in Travis County – one mile from the Austin border)
What is the best part about where you live? When we moved to Austin 3.5 years ago from Denver, one of our reasons was the city’s reputation for being a great place for families. That has definitely held true for us. Besides all of the kid friendly businesses, there is a festival almost every weekend, our favorite huge neighborhood farmer’s market, amazing hiking trails and parks, and awesome local restaurants that welcome children. We live 2 miles from a winery and when we wanted to join their wine club, we asked if we could bring our children with us.  Not only are they welcome there, but the staff all know our kids names and have toys and special craft kits for them.
Favorite thing to do with your kids in your hometown: So many things – I’m the opposite of a homebody so we are out of the house every day exploring our city.  But I’m a sucker for holidays, so my favorite time of year is December when we can walk to Chinati Court every night, warm up at their bonfire with some hot chocolate and see one of the city’s most famous neighborhood holiday light displays.
Favorite date night in your hometown: My husband is allergic to gluten so we love finding new local restaurants that offer gluten free menus.  When we lived in downtown Denver, we were two blocks from a ping pong bar and would often stop there after dinner or a concert (we kept going even after our daughter was born; I just wore her in a baby sling and played!).  We’re not as close now, but Austin has SPIN which is a fun and entertaining date night spot.  Last time we went, my husband got to “challenge” one of their professional players which was hilarious to watch.
What are 5 things you could not “mom” without?
  1. Bump Club & Beyond, of course!
  2. The NoseFrida
  3. Vienna Springs ring sling (when my babies were under 2)
  4. Barre (can’t be a good mom if you don’t take care of yourself)
  5. My phone calendar to organize our crazy schedules
When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do: Lay outside in the sun with a good book. Take a Pure Barre class. Even do errands – it’s 10 times faster without kids!
Who are your “mom idols”? Emily Oster, author of Expecting Better; Martha Sears, and my mom for always being there and supporting me while letting me make my own decisions and mistakes
What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood? You don’t need all the advice! I felt so clueless before having kids that I thought I needed to thoroughly research every little thing.  Turns out, you will find a million different answers to the same question if you look long enough. Obviously, everyone needs a good support system and I still turn to online resources frequently to help with questions, but I’ve also learned to trust my gut and be confident that my decisions are best for my family.
Robin Smith is BCB’s own Market Leader in Austin, TX!  You can find her at any of our local Austin events as well as curating BCB VIP discounts with our local partners. 

We want you to meet…

Name: Jessica Rockowitz 

Age: 31

Kids and ages: Hayley (14), Colin (5), and Graham (3)









Where do you live? Austin, TX

What is the best part about where you live? How kid friendly it is, and the year-round sun! After growing up in Boston, I do not take one day of warmth and sunshine for granted.

Favorite thing to do with your kids in your hometown. Swimming! There are so many great neighborhood and public pools here in West Austin. My kids love to swim, and we go way too often in the spring and summer.

Favorite date night in your hometown.  Oh gosh, as are boring. I wish I could give you the name of some fancy establishment, but my husband and I are craft beer and taco kind of people. We love heading to South Congress or downtown on Rainey Street and grabbing some bar food.

What are five things that you could not “mom” without?  (Products, apps, anything that helps you to be a better mom.

  1. My mom friends — it takes a village, y’all
  2. Honest diapers and wipes
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. PBS Kids
  5. Pouches – yogurt, applesauce, whatever. My kids run on pouches.

When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do.

Read, watch Netflix, and edit photos. I’m a total photography nerd and love my job too much.

Who are your “mom idols”?  (Moms you look up to as women and parents.)  You know, I don’t know if I have any. I think we are all just winging it, and i think we each have our strengths. But one person that comes to mind is my college roommate, Ashley. She was — and still is — a fantastic mom. All single moms and moms of special needs children are also women I look up to for their strength. Mom’ing is hard, but mom’ing solo and/or with a special needs child is harder.

What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood.  Let go of the guilt. You will feel it no matter what decisions you make for your kids. As long as your kids are happy, healthy, and safe, there is no wrong way to parent.

Tell us a little bit about your blog/IG account/online persona and what is your mission behind it (we want to urge our readers to follow you!) I started off as an Austin mommy blogger sharing all about life in Austin with our slightly non traditional family. I’m a former teen parent (had my oldest at 17) and put myself through college and grad school. We now have three kids, and I have since become a professional photographer! My passion is to support young moms and women led businesses. Shopping small is close to my heart! My middle child also has ADHD, and i am very transparent about the struggles we have faced with him as we’ve navigated various therapies and supplements. You can find Jessica on Instagram @jessicarockawitz.

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