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BCB Favorites: Top Items for a Good Night's Sleep

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Sleep is always a hot topic at Bump Club and Beyond.  The focus of many of our events and webinars, it’s our goal to make sure you and your baby have the tools to get a good night’s sleep.  Here are some of BCB’s favorite products to add your your baby registry or to your nursery. 

  1. Love to Dream Swaddle Up, $29.99  

    We love this swaddle blanket as it gives baby the freedom to keep their arms in a natural position above their heads, while at the same time keeps them contained.  When they start rolling and it’s time to move out of swaddle mode, the arms zip off. This is a great system we absolutely love for all babies.

  2. Nanit Baby Monitor, $279.99 

    New parents ALWAYS ask us which monitors we like best.  We LOVE this new monitor from Nanit. Voted one of the “Best Inventions of 2018” by TIME Magazine, the Nanit Plus smart baby monitor was designed to help your baby sleep like a baby. Know everything that’s happening in your baby’s crib—and when. Customizable user permissions, and an overhead camera that delivers personal guidance means everyone sleeps better.   One of our favorite features is that background audio that works even when you’re using other apps or the phone screen is turned off.  Our other favorite feature is the two-way audio—this way when your kids get a little older you can tell them to go back to sleep. 🙂

  3. Crane Cool Mist Drop Humidifier, $49.99

    In our opinion, this is the most straightforward humidifier on the market.  It’s easy to clean and there is no filter needed. Since it’s cool mist, it’s safe—no one is going to get burned.  PLUS, we love how quiet it is.  No one makes a humidifier quite like Crane.

  4. Dr. Brown’s Lovie Pacifier, $10.99

    Hands down one of the cutest soother/pacifier combos on the market.  The stuffy on the end makes it a lot easier for baby to handle and get back into their mouth when it falls out.

  5. Marpac Dohm, $44.95

    White noise is KEY to get any baby to sleep soundly.  BCB’s Resident Sleep Expert, Janeen Hayward, has been recommending this white noise machine for years.  Side note: While there are a lot of white noise apps now, its highly unlikely you are going to leave your phone in your baby’s room. If you do, it is highly probable that it is going to ring or disturb the baby. A white noise machine is a good investment.

  6. Halo Bassinest, starting at $264.99 

    This is a great option if you are going to use a bassinet when you bring your baby home from the hospital.  This one goes right next to your bed.  Its mesh sides allow for you to keep an eye on baby.  It’s swivel function allows you to pull baby into your bed for easy access during nightly feedings.

  7. Baby deedee Sleep Nest, $26.99

    This wearable blanket is like a duvet for baby.  It comes in a lighter jersey weight and a heavier down weight for colder months. BCB’s Resident Sleep Experts recommend a wearable blanket after swaddling or a transitional device.  It signals routine and sleep for your baby. It also will keep your baby in their crib when they are old enough to jump out.

  8. Angel Dear a Pair and a Spare Gift Set, $38

    This gift set is GENIUS.  Most babies have a lovie or a blanket that comforts them. Of course, what happens when you lose that said lovie?  It can be a nightmare for mom or dad.  But this set gives you a pair AND a spare of the same lovie—just in case something happens.

  9. Aden + Anais Muslin Sheets, $29.95

    We LOVE muslin at BCB.  It’s breathable and lightweight and easy to clean.  Aden + Anais is often billed as the original muslin blanket.  Now they have blankets varying in weight, burp cloths and even sheets.  These are a great option to keep baby cozy at night.

  10. Newton Baby Crib Mattress, $299.99

    This crib mattress is made of food grade polymers.  It is completely recyclable and best of all: BREATHABLE.  The cover on this mattress zips off.  So when there are accidents you can remove the cover, and wash down the inside leaving it to dry for future use.

  11. Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit, $39.99

    This is a transitional sleep device that MANY parents have found success with.  It is for use after the swaddle, but before baby is rolling over.  Its weight and material stifles baby’s movements so they don’t startle themselves awake at night.

  12. Graham Glider, starting at $899 

    We LOVE a good glider for bedtime routine.  From feeding baby, to rocking baby, reading to baby…and as they grow, our gliders were a part of our bedtime routine always.  We love this new glider from West Elm. It comes in every color and fabric imaginable, making it easy to repurpose and continue to use after your done with it in your nursery.

Looking for sleep advice?  Check out BCB’s event schedule.  This week in Chicago is our BCBumps Expectant Parent Dinner: Newborn Sleep Strategies and Safety with BCB’s Resident Expert, Janeen Hayward. Coming up we have multiple webinars covering varying sleep related topics.  Make sure you check out our webinar schedule and sign up—BCB webinars are FREE. 

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