Meet Our Favorite Moms: Denver Edition


We are so excited to be heading to the Mile High City on our 5th Gearapalooza stop on Monday, May 13: Denver!  We can’t wait to introduce you to some of our favorite Denver moms, including our special Denver Market Leader, Nicole!  These amazing women share a little bit about themselves, including some great Mom Hacks, their favorite parts of Denver and some tips and tricks to the motherhood journey!  We are so lucky to have them in our BCB community & yhey will be joining us at Gearapalooza so be sure to stop by and say hi!

We want you to meet…

1) Name: Christine Yeargin 

Age: 32

Kid(s) and Ages: 11, 2.5, expecting #3 May 21

Where do you live? Denver, Colorado

Tell us about yourself…

Work life: Right now I work in the mortgage industry, but plan on focusing on my  blog full time after the baby comes. I started my blog as a means to one day be able to stay home with my children, but still bring in an income/have something for myself and that day is almost here!

What has been the biggest reward of motherhood? Learning that I want to be more like my children. No matter what kind of day I have had, they’re always there for a hug and forgive me if I’m quick to lose my cool. How lucky am I to experience such an unconditional love!

What’s your best “mom-hack” you think other moms could benefit from? (We all one at least one time or sanity saving tip that everyone would want to know…spill it!)  Next to dry shampoo, grocery delivery/curbside pick up. Ordering all of our food online and doing curbside pick up saves me so much time and money! It forces me to make a list of what meals we’re going to be eating and purchase only for those meals. I am no longer tempted by the guilty pleasure snacks on the aisle ends because I don’t see them. The real win is that I don’t have to argue with my 2 year old about who gets to push the shopping cart and apologizing to everyone and their achilles tendon when she wins that argument.

What is the best part about where you live? The summers in Colorado are incredible, but if I’m being honest, I grew up on a beach and I miss it every single day. We want to eventually move back to a beach town in the future.

Favorite thing to do with your kids in your hometown. Camping and hiking! We don’t do it enough, but it’s something that you’re pretty much required to do if you live in Colorado. I love the way the kids light up in nature and their eagerness to explore the unknown.

Favorite date night in your hometown. What’s a date night? I kid, I kid. While we love going out to new restaurants and having someone else prepare dinner for us, we also love cuddling on the couch catching up on all of our shows. Game of Thrones isn’t exactly “child friendly.”

What are your 5 must-have items in your diaper bag? Aside from the “typical” chapstick, Wash It Later Emgergency Soaking Bags, a baby wrap/sling, hand sanitizer, Tush Swiper from Eli & Ali.

When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do? This is going to sound really boring, but when I get alone time I usually just want to lay down. As a mom you’re constantly moving and your kids always end up needing something the second you sit down and get comfortable. Laying down in peace and quiet, reading, cathing up on IG (@christineyeargin) or a NAP if I have enough time!

Who are your “mom idols”?  (Moms you look up to as women and parents.) You know I really try not to compare myself to other moms because all of our kids are different and require different things. What works for one mom may not work for another. I will say that I do love a mom who will share about the hard times as much as she brags about the great times. Everyone wants to look like they have it together, when really none of us do…being real about everything that goes on behind the scenes is a big plus in my book. It gives us something we can actually relate to.

Who is in your mom tribe and how did you meet them? My small circle is mostly friends that I had prior to having kiddos. However since having kids, I’ve met some really great moms via Instagram oddly enough. Shout out to @mrshazleyandababy @thismodernfarmhouse

What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood? Everyone will give you unsolicited advice and 98% of it won’t work for you. Out daughter was/is a terrible sleeper. I have tried everything from sleep training, sleep consultants, strict bedtime routines, baby massage, even resorted to the cry-it-out-method that I avoided only to find out she’s so dramatic she would cry to the point of puking. We ended up letting her co sleep with us for 2 years for our sanity and the sake of needing to function the next day. I can’t tell you how many times someone said we were spoiling her. It got exhausting explaining to everyone that we had tried every single method possible, just short of ordering an elephant tranquilizer. She’s 2.5 now and sleeps in her bed decently now, but still crawls in our bed in the middle of the night here and there.

How do you balance it all? There really is no fool proof way to balance motherhood. I wish there was. There are some days I feel like superwoman and accomplished MORE than what was on my to-do list and there are other days that the laundry gets neglected for the 7th time, dishes are piling up, and looking in the mirror is more terrifying than I’d care to admit. Reminding yourself that it’s ok to have those days where the most you got done was holding your baby. In fact, having those days might truly be the only way to balance the rest of motherhood.

If you had a theme song, what would it be? I don’t know that I have a song so much as an artist. Anything Al Green or Bob Marley. They 100% put me in the best mood anytime I listen to them no matter the day I’m having.

Tell us a little bit about your blog/IG account/online persona and what is your mission behind it. The name of my blog is Cake for Breakfast. I have toyed with the idea of changing the name, but the original idea came from the fact that I’m not a perfect mom. While I like to feed my kids organic, nutritious meals, every now and then they get something like cake for breakfast. Let’s be real…throwing a slice of leftover cake on a plate is way easier than cooking up a gourmet breakfast and that’s OK! I think aside from answering other mothers questions and giving them ideas to incorporate into motherhood, I love making people laugh. Making fun of myself and my kids (they’re easy targets haha) helps me get through the day and I think a lot of moms relate to it.

See more from Christine at and find her on Instagram and Facebook.


We want you to meet…

2) Name: Sara Lynn Bouzek

Age: 32

Kid(s) and Ages: 1 Son – 3 Years old, currently 20 weeks along with second

Where do you live? Roxborough (Littleton, CO)

Tell us about yourself…

Work life (please tell us where you work, what you do, title, etc. If you have your own company, tell us about it.) I am self-employed and have spent the last 12 years of my life photographing primarily weddings. With the second baby on the way and wanting to have more family time on weekends, I am “retiring” from weddings and focusing on boudoir, family and children portraiture. Motherhood has become my favorite job title and I’m passionate about capturing that beautiful story for others, particularly the beauty of other mothers.

What has been the biggest reward of motherhood? I have loved seeing my son grow, be compassionate towards others and create a unique personality all of his own.

What’s your best “mom-hack” you think other moms could benefit from? (We all one at least one time or sanity saving tip that everyone would want to know…spill it!) I get asked all the time how I run a full time business while also being a full time mom. Sometimes just writing sounds exhausting, but my best tip or piece of advice for new mamas just starting out on the same journey as I did three years ago, is that none of us have it figured out. We’re all just working towards perfect parent imperfections. One day I feel like I’ve got it all figured out and the next day, my son throws a big wrench in the well-oil machine I’ve created. We have to be flexible. We have to know they’ll have their good days and bad days, just like we do as adults. Patience and Organization is key. And I use a virtual planner/assistant to help me run things smoothly in my professional and personal life. I also love taking advantage of services like online grocery shopping and delivery. It’s all about saving myself time and having designated “work times aka nap/quiet times”.

What is the best part about where you live? We spend most of our time around Denver, right in the foothills. I love the food scene here but also the abundance of outdoor activities that are family friendly. Colorado is great for getting outside. My husband owns a business in our home state of South Dakota so we are also traveling back and forth a ton, and I love taking my son to all the cheesy tourist-y stops in South Dakota like the caves, exploring the Black Hills and Lewis and Clark Lake in the summer.

Favorite thing to do with your kids in your hometown. We love visiting the Denver Zoo and the Chatfield Botanic Gardens, which has a little farm featuring mini-horses, chickens, pigs, a giant community garden and seasonal activities like pumpkin patches or butterfly celebrations.

Favorite date night in your hometown. My husband and I love going out to a fancy restaurant (Denver does have so many great options) with two favorites being Ocean Prime and Osteria Marco.

What are 5 things that you could not “mom” without? My virtual assistant. I use the calendar for both personal and professional reasons, and if it doesn’t get put into my calendar, I most likely forget about it. I also love my BobStroller (holy moly, that thing has put my child to sleep on so many walks when he just refused and I needed that me time so badly) and my Freshly Picked diaper bag. I actually didn’t have a dedicated diaper bag for the first year of my son’s life and when FP sent me their bag, I had no idea why I never invested in one. Like I said above, organization is key for me to survive and this bag is AHMAZING for that.

What are your 5 must-have items in your diaper bag? Diapers (and now that we’re potty training, a wet bag with extra clothes), a water bottle, wipes (I forgot wipes once and I’ll never make that blow-out mistake again), snacks galore and my “mommy essentials trio” (wallet, gum and Tory Burch sunglasses).

When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do? If I’m not working, then I’m most likely doing self care. Massage, chiro appts, hitting up the nail spa, sitting in our bed watching a show and putting on lotion or dry-brushing or I’ll do a quick work out or stretches. And let’s be honest, there are days I just need a nap, because life is exhausting at times.

Who are your “mom idols”? (Moms you look up to as women and parents.) My mom! She had four kiddos total, was a stay at home mom and farm wife. I never gave her enough credit for everything she did for us growing up. When I think back to my childhood, I really only remember good times. Farm life wasn’t always easy but her and my dad took it upon themselves to teach us honesty, hard-work, how to have fun and not complain about circumstances.

Who is in your mom tribe and how did you meet them? I met most of my mom friends through friends or friends or at things like the local library story time. I also heavily depend on my family (my sisters and cousins that are parents as well) as they have the same values and upbringing I did.

What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood? Take a breastfeeding class! No one told me how difficult it would be and I wish I would have had a lactation nurse to lean on as well as knowledge about what to expect before my son came.

How do you balance it all? One day at a time! Lol Some days I feel like we’re just in survival mode and some days I feel I’m running the world.

If you had a theme song, what would it be? Oh gosh… picking just one is so hard! Currently, I’m in summer boating mode so I’d say “Get Somewhere” by Dirty Heads would adequately describe me right now (only I don’t smoke so minus that! lol)

Tell us a little bit about your blog/IG account/online persona and what is your mission behind it: My blog can be found at and my instagram account handle is @saralynnphoto. I focus mostly on personal and client experiences. I love sharing stories of my clients, but I also love sharing what we’ve been up to and how I’ve managed life aspects on my Journal. My instagram account is filled with the same content but more daily thoughts.

Find more info at and follow Sara Lynn on Instagram!

We want you to meet…

3) Name: Nicole Levine Age: 39

Kids and ages: Sam (5), Max (3)

Where do you live? Denver

Tell us about yourself…

Tell us why you have chosen to be a BCB Market Leader? When I moved to Denver from Chicago, I was really sad about leaving such a great group behind and losing access to the amazing resources I had available when my oldest son was born. I discussed with Lindsay and the BCB team and we decided Denver, a super family friendly city, would be an ideal market to launch Bump Club. I’ve loved bringing BCB to this market and find parents here to be very receptive to the organization. There are also a ton of transplants in Denver (growing by the day) who are often looking for their “tribe” and BCB is a great outlet for that.

What is your favorite part about Bump Club and Beyond? The sense of community it provides during a rewarding but often overwhelming and exhausting time in a new mom’s life. Getting resources all in one place is also SUPER helpful in a space that is often inundated with advice and opinions.

What does community mean to you? Finding people with whom I can relate, who I can rely on, who step in to help even when I don’t ask and who accept me for me.

Who is in your mom tribe and how did you meet them? I have a Chicago mom tribe and a Denver mom tribe. I met my Chicago tribe mostly through the building where we were living in the West Loop. A bunch of neighbors happen to have had kids around the same time which couldn’t have worked out better. We had daily meet ups that started at local parks and coffee shops and eventually evolved into happy hours and mom getaways. The kids adored each other which was the best part. Then, when we relocated to Denver, I met mom friends through my sons’ preschool. Other transplants to Denver, moms living in my neighborhood, etc. They are new friends who have quickly become my tribe.

What has been the biggest reward of motherhood? Whenever my kids say “I love you, Mommy” or give me a hug/kiss unprompted, my heart just bursts. It makes all of the sleepless nights, temper tantrums and meltdowns worth it : )

What’s your best “mom-hack” you think other moms could benefit from? (We all one at least one time or sanity saving tip that everyone would want to know…spill it!) Sneaking veggies into smoothies (or anything else). Sometimes to make it easier, I buy ready made frozen smoothie kits at Whole Foods that have a mix of veggies/fruit and then mix with water and add flax seeds, extra veggies, coconut oil, etc. I shred veggies and puree to add in mac & cheese, pancakes, and more.

What is the best part about where you live? Being so close to the mountains and having access to tons of beautiful places for day trips/quick getaways. AND, the abundance of sunshine : )

Favorite thing to do with your kids in your hometown: We love the Nature and Science museum and Zoo which are both down the street from our home. We also love open swim and lessons at VIP partner, Goldfish and getting treats at French for Sugar, also a VIP partner (my kids LOVE their cupcakes).

Favorite date night in your hometown. Sushi at Izakaya Den in Platte Park followed by drinks and/or ice cream at Glacier. Possibly a stop at Target depending on the time : )

What are five things that you could not “mom” without?  1. Netflix 2. GoGo Squeeze pouches 3. Babyganics wipes (for everything) 4. My Nespresso machine 5. Joovy Sit and Stand

When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do?  I enjoy meeting up with friends for coffee/lunch, working out and getting my nails done. An occasional retail therapy session might get worked in there, too : )

Who are your “mom idols?”  My own Mom. She had my brother and I are super close together (which I’ve been told was NOT easy : ) and was a single, divorced Mom for many of the early years she was raising us. She managed to raise us, work as a special education preschool teacher AND go back to school for a masters, all while staying sane and ensuring my brother and I were thriving. There were no iPads or iPhones to distract us in the car or on planes, no Netflix to entertain us while cooking dinner – yet we both have such fond memories of our childhood which has shaped us into who we are as adults/parents today.

What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood? To make sure you are scheduling in “me” time for self- care, friends, date nights, etc. I felt guilty doing this at first but then realized it was crucial that I take care of myself if I wanted to be the best Mom possible for my boys.

How do you balance it all? Google calendar, coffee, babysitters for date nights/me time. I also go to bed TOO late, but find that I’m most productive and get so much accomplished once everyone else goes to sleep. I put on a show or an audiobook and catch up on work, household tasks, etc.

If you had a theme song, what would it be? Stronger

If you’re an expectant or new parent in the Denver area, don’t miss Gearapalooza on Monday 5/13 5:30-9:00 pm!  Join us and these amazing moms featured here for an event just for you!  We’re bringing you the BEST baby gear, products, services + safety information in one action packed event!  For more information and registration, CLICK HERE.