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Meet Our Bump Club & Beyond Expert: Janeen Hayward

By Emily Savage

We are so excited to introduce you to Janeen Hayward, the Founder of Swellbeing!  Since 2007, Janeen has been helping parents unlock the keys to happy and harmonious family life.  She is a long-time partner of BCB and helps us deliver the best education and resources to our community all year long!  Janeen offers expertise on several topics, including sleep, potty training, behavior and discipline, sibling prep, body awareness and safety +more!  Join Janeen’s Newborn Sleep Webinar on 6/18: http://bit.ly/2QMiIv8.  
You will see her helping our BCB community throughout the year in various capacities such as speaking at our events, providing valuable expertise in our blog posts, emails and social and hosting educational (free) Webinars! 
At Bump Club & Beyond, we only bring you the BEST experts and the BEST resources so we can’t wait to introduce you to Janeen  Make sure to stop and say hi and introduce yourself if you see her at one of our events during the year!  Read below to learn more about her, the ongoing expertise she brings to YOU in our BCB community, why she loves partnering with BCB + to grab a sneak peek into her personal life!   

We want you to meet…

Janeen Hayward, Swellbeing

Tell us a little bit about your relationship with BCB…
I’ve been honored to be a part of several BCB Events from the very beginning!  Best of BCB is always a highlight & I’m looking forward to talking to parents about Potty Training and Sibling Prep at that event.  Also of note, I gave a webinar on Toddler Sleep, and just before that spoke to a crowded room of expectant parents at our Expectant Mom dinner on Newborn Sleep.
I love to be at Best of BCB firstly, because it’s an honor to be included year after year.  It truly is a “best of” event.  I’ve attended other similar event, and nobody does events nearly as well as Bump Club!  Plus, it’s such a privilege to speak to a room full of parents eager to hear what you have to say — who wouldn’t love that?
What’s the #1 thing you want attendees to take away from your speaking engagements with BCB? 
That they are enough for their children, in all their imperfect ways.
I enjoy partnering and aligning with BCB – We have a shared value — connections.  They connect parents and parents-to-be with each other and various professionals.  I believe strongly in villages, and BCB fast-tracks parents to their villages. Plus,  Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder of BCB is fantastic!  She cares deeply for the BCB community and works tirelessly to produce top-notch events that always align with the core values of Bump Club.  She and her team curate relationships with brands and vendors that they truly believe in.
Tell us a little about your personal life…
Do you have kid(s) and if so, what are their ages?  Yes.  I have two daughters, ages 12 and 9.
How do you juggle work life with family life?  This has been an evolving process.  Like so many parents, my children have been my best teachers and motivators.  One of my children has really challenged me to draw better, healthier boundaries around my work and guess what, she was right!  What are your top “pro” tips?  Own your priorities.  If your family life is your number one priority, make sure it’s reflected in the choices you make.  Also, when you cannot be in two place at the same time and have to attend a work function when you’d rather be at a family affair, be explicit with your children.
What’s your best professional or personal “parent-hack” you think others could benefit from?  Many families struggle around food, so my best “hack” (if you can call it that) is to have pre-chopped veggies to offer as a mid afternoon snack.  Hummus has been a staple in my children’s diets for as long as I can remember.  If I set out some veggies with hummus, they will snack on those.  Then when dinner rolls around, if a child only chooses to eat their protein or carbs, a parent can rest easy knowing that they had this great, healthy, vitamin rich snack in the afternoon!
Favorite part about living in the Chicagoland area?  We moved back to Chicago from New York City when my daughters were very young.  I love the livability of Chicago.  We knew we wanted to remain urban so finding a place where we could put down some roots in the city and stay for the long haul was key.  Any secret gems to share?  Hmm, well I just learned about a new indoor trampoline park in the city (no need to trek to the burbs anymore).  It’s called Altitude Trampline Park in the West Loop.  Given how long our winters are, indoor spaces such as this are essential.
What are 5 things that you could not “parent” without?

  1. My Tribe
  2. Sense of Humor
  3. Humility
  4. Great teachers (for me and my children)
  5. Baby Carrier (when my daughters were little, this was the key to getting to and fro and having two hands accessible)

What is one piece of advice for new parents that you would like to share?  Pulling your child close is never a mistake.  You cannot spoil a child with love and affection.
Learn more about Janeen and follow her:
c: 212-924-1913
twitter: @swellbeing
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swellbeingparenting/
Instagram: swellbeing_parenting

If you’re an expectant or new parent in the Chicago area, we would love to have your in our Best of Bump Club & Beyond community! We bring you the best resources, information, experts, product suggestions and dozens of premier events across the country every month!  Click here to find out more & sign up for an event!

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