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Ian's Sohn's Viral LinkedIn Essay: Stop Apologizing for Having Lives

By Emily Savage

We are so excited to share with our BCB community our latest interview with Ian Sohn, President, Wunderman Thompson Central, whose LinkedIn essay urging his employees to “stop apologizing for having lives” went viral!  At BCB, we not only support moms and parents as part of our community but we truly walk the walk and support our team the same way.   Most everyone in the workforce can relate to his sentiment about the need for better work-life balance not only for moms but for all women and men, which is why it struck a cord with so many people across the country.  Keep scrolling to read Ian’s LinkedIn post and to watch Lindsay’s interview with Ian.

Q&A with Lindsay:
What prompted you to sit down and write this essay?  Did a specific situation urge you to sit down and pen this essay?

What do your employees and coworkers think of your essay and your overall viewpoint on workplace culture today? 

What impact do you think your essay has on different generations in the workforce today?  

Why do you think your essay resonates with so many different kinds of people across all workplaces, generations and locations?

As an executive, what can we be doing more of to instill better work-life balance in the workplace?

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