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MomIRL Feature: Samantha Gutstadt

By Emily Savage

We are so excited to profile one of our favorite, LA-moms, Samantha Gutstadt, as a BCB MomIRL (in real life!).  We know it can be sometimes overwhelming as an expecting or new mom…and let’s face it…all stages of motherhood can feel like that sometimes so we are looking forward to bringing you some real-life moms in the trenches who share their best hacks, stories and helpful tips & tricks that can, hopefully, help smooth the motherhood road and provide some valuable guidance and sense of community with all of our BCB mamas and families!
Samantha is a hilarious mama who shares her fave products, tips & #momlife stories – she really tells the real truths of motherhood and knows you’ve got to just keep laughing and enjoy the journey in all of its hilariousness.

We want you to meet our BCB #MomIRL…

Name: Samantha Gutstadt
Age: 38
Kid(s) and Ages: Ryder 6 + Asher 5
Where do you live? Los Angeles CA
Work life: I work as an actress, content creator, comedian and digital influencer. I founded my own company with my partner Haely White a year and a half ago called Don’t Call Me Mommy, we create original and branded comedy.

What has been the biggest reward of motherhood? Oh my goodness- the kisses and snuggles for sure. And watching my boys grow into these amazing little dudes.
What’s your best “mom-hack” you think other moms could benefit from? (We all one at least one time or sanity saving tip that everyone would want to know…spill it!) Keeping little bags of activities ready as a grab-and -go. I have them in a drawer In the playroom armed with legos, magnatiles, arts and crafts etc. Great for road trips, restaurants and everything in between.
What is the best part about where you live? The weather. Hands down. I’m from Toronto, Canada and it’s amazing there but year round sunshine and warm weather makes mama life a tad easier! #parksforever
Favorite thing to do with your kids in your hometown. In my hometown of Toronto, favorite thing is cottage country. Heading to the lake. In LA we love hiking and beachtime.
Favorite date night in your hometown. We love a good ol’ dinner and movie situation. But we also like day dates where we hike and maybe get a massage and grab an early drink and dinner.
What are 5 things that you could not “mom” without?  Kirkland Baby Wipes, Countdowns (I count down everything with my boys), white noise machines, Hannah Anderson PJ’s, Beauty Counter sunblock which my boys actually tolerate on the daily.
What are your 5 must-have items in your diaper bag? We now have a big boy bag, and our must haves are – long sleeves in case the boys get cold, snacks (goldfish, seaweed and popcorn), little bags of lego and magnatiles, bandaids (my kids love bandaids) their LA dodger hats, wipes because you always needs them when you don’t have em right?
When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do? I love a good manicure, walk in my neighborhood or run, yoga class or writing in my office to music.
Who are your “mom idols”?  My mama (of course!) my grandmothers, my sister in law Corinne, my comedy partner Haely White and truly my whole mom tribe!
Who is in your mom tribe and how did you meet them? Funny you should ask. I started a baby group when my first son Ryder was just 8 week old. I met some of my best friends there. A group of us starting meeting every week just to hang out, cuddle our babies and talk. That group has evolved and 7 years later we still hang out a lot, go on girls trips and lean on each other for every milestone.
What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood? Every day is a new day. Enjoy each day, the good, bad and everything in between.
How do you balance it all? Ha..do I? I think balance is all about being ok with sucking at things sometimes. Some days I’m killing it in my work life but I feel like I’m not as a mom and then somedays I’m mama superhero but I feel I’ve neglected my worklife. And that’s ok. I’m just doing my best. As long as my kiddos are happy I’m good.
If you had a theme song, what would it be? Right now (cause it changes all the time) Eye of The Tiger since I’m so laser focused on my goals at the current moment.
Tell us a little bit about your blog/IG account/online persona and what is your mission behind it: My blog www.samsomuch.com is a place to learn about products, kid friendly travel, mom tips, fashion and more! Subscribe because I do A LOT of giveaways!
@gutstadt is my instagram where I also share fashion, lifestyle, travel and comedy content.
@dontcallmemommy is my comedy Instagram account, come here to laugh at all things #momlife as we tell the real truths of motherhood. 
is our comedy content site. Check out our hit series Sh*T No One Told You – we made this for you mamas! And our new series starring the shirtless bachelor alum Nick Viall for parents.com called Before/After. Also, we love giving stuff away too, so be sure to subscribe!
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