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My Child Has Lice! Now What? How to Remove Lice and Nits

By Emily Savage

Sponsored by WelComb®
OMG! Your child has come home from summer camp with the dreaded lice letter. She has lice! But don’t panic. You can put down the hazmat suit, we’ll get you through this.
There are many myths and misperceptions about lice. For example, you do not need to throw away all of your child’s bedding, coats and clothes! Lice can only survive off the human head for 24 hours. Calmly consider how to best use your cleaning time based on where the live lice may actually be.
Rest assured, eliminating a lice infestation is a lot less dramatic than you think. All you have to do is physically remove the lice and nits from the head with the wet combing method. Let’s break it down:
The key to the wet combing method is the nits. When you visit the lice removal aisle at the store, you’ll see many products that claim to kill lice. And they do! But they don’t kill nits, and that’s why they don’t work. Nits are the lice eggs, so as long as nits remain on the head, they will continue to hatch and produce more lice. That’s why physically removing the nits from the head is the only way to eliminate a lice infestation!
The wet combing method is safe, effective, all-natural and simple. All you need is water, conditioner, and a lice comb. Why water? Because lice freeze when wet, making it that much easier to capture and remove them.
The best part about the wet combing method? No pesticides are required! We don’t want to put harmful chemicals on our children’s heads, and we don’t expect you to either.
This method is effective, but it certainly takes time and patience. The process should be repeated every other day to ensure all the new lice and nits are removed. Then, weekly combing is recommended until no live lice are found for up to two weeks.
You can find full lice removal instructions including a video in both English and Spanish, at www.welcomb.com/instructions

What do we think is the best lice comb to use for the wet combing method? The WelComb®! The WelComb®’s rigid teeth are just the right distance apart so that no lice or nit can slip through (remember, getting rid of the nits is vital to ending an infestation!). Other lice combs on the market have larger gaps between the teeth that fail to capture the enemy. The WelComb® also has a beveled edge that allows you to get right down to the scalp where lice and nits live so you can capture and remove them.

If your child currently has lice and you’re looking for the best solution, we have good news. You can get the WelComb® at your local Dollar General! The Dollar General Lice and Nit Removal Kit with WelComb® has all you need and nothing you don’t. The kit includes:

  • Conditioner that’s free of harsh chemicals and ineffective oils to lubricate the hair, making it easy to see lice and nits as you comb them out.
  • A Detangler Comb to remove tangles and evenly distribute conditioner throughout the hair.
  • A WelComb® to capture and remove lice and nits.

Visit your local Dollar General today to purchase a kit! Or, click here to see where the WelComb® is sold.

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