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Ali Levine: What’s In My Diaper Bag?

By Emily Savage

We caught up with one of our favorite LA-Moms, Ali Levine, to find out what diaper bag essentials she can’t leave home without as her now 15-month old sweet baby girl, Amelia Rei, has been growing up!  We pulled together the below round-up of Ali’s must-haves + you can enter to win many of Ali’s top picks below!!!

Ali Levine is is a spontaneous, passionate, loving, caring, obsessed with fashion, sassy New York native who moved LA 9 years ago to pursue a career in styling. One of her favorite things to say is “Fashion is my Passion!” She has been fortunate enough through hard work and loving what she does to have the honor to work on some of the biggest movies and TV shows and has worked under some of the biggest names in the styling/fashion world. As she started working more, she began to make a name for herself and create her own brand, which has been a dream of hers since the start. After being on TV segments at the start of her career, she was casted in one of Bravo’s hot shows “Stripped’ where she feel she got to find and show her real true personality. Doing all of that has led her down the path that she’s currently on, being an influencer, creating her own brand, podcaster and now a well-noted mama! Just as her social media shows, she wants to be a space for mamas so they can relate, and also be real and raw. That it’s real motherhood and sometimes it not always glamorous. One of her favorite quotes she’s known for is “Confidence is your best accessory.”  She also wants to bring confidence to other mamas while she still finds it herself in this crazy journey of motherhood that we are all on together. Furthermore, she recently launched her own mommy podcast where she talks about all the real, raw and messiness of being a mom.

Check out what Ali never leaves home without in her Luli Bebe Diaper Bag & enter to win many of her favorite picks below!  


Why does Ali love her diaper bag? I love my Luli.bebe diaper bag first of because it is soooo fashionable and fabulous! I literally get stopped everywhere!! Everyone loves it.  It’s also so practical, I fit everything literally in it, including even some of my own personal belongings! So many pockets, compartments, sturdy zipper!  Fashionable and functional!! Amazing!!

  1. Diapers – Dyper (Bamboo Organic) – They absorb the most out of any diapers I’ve used, less poop explosions!
  2. Snacks – Mum Mums, Little Journey –  Mum Mums because they help Amelia with her teething and they are super easy to take on the go. Little Journey Puffs are an easy snack to take on the go!
  3. Toys – Wubbanub – Amelia doesn’t use a pacifier but because Wubbanub is a cute toy she’ll entertain the idea of it in situations where she needs to calm down.
  4. Utensils – Grabease – This really helps with her development to being able to feed herself and improving her motor skills while using them. I also really like that there is a choke barrier so she doesn’t choke
  5. Wipes – Abby & Finn – We use these wipes because they are completely free of any harmful chemicals and its great on sensitive skin
  6. Sippy Cup – Skip Hop – We use this cup because it teaches her how to use a straw!
  7. Teething Meds – Hylands Teething Pills – homeopathic pain relief and they immediately soothe her and it is really easy for her to take.
  8. Teething Oil – Wellements Teething Oil – organic,  and easy to put on her gums to relive redness and it has tasty flavors.
  9. Nursing/Car Seat Cover – Covered Goods – This is great cover for nursing as well for car seat cover. They are also very fashionable to wear on the go!
  10. Sleep Sack – Nested Bean – Major part of my sleep training and it got her out of a swaddle when she was little  and it helps her sleep to this day.
  11. Food – Hello Yumi – I love that it is formulated and created for every stage of development for your baby and it has great favors and high value in nutrition and its delivered to your door on ice.
  12. Shoes – PediPed – We put Amelia in these because they help her with her development to walk better and more stable because they have slip resistant diamond tread.
  13. Socks – Waddle & Friends – Good for sensory to get her to look at her feet and entertain her.
  14. Baby Wearing – Babyktan (Super easy wrap)- Baby wearing for me personally is a blessing especially when a baby or toddler is fussy, it makes multitasking easier making you hands free. What i love about Babyktan itself is its great for bonding and its super comfortable like a big t-shit.
  15. Cleanising Water- Mustela – It helps to clean the baby up on the go when you can’t give them a bath.


Check out her website and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook + check out her podcast! You can also follow her business account, American Gluten Free, on Twitter and Instagram


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