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MomIRL Feature: Marcy Crouch

By Emily Savage

We are so excited to profile one of our favorite, LA-moms, The Down There Doc, Marcy Crouch, PT, DPT, CLT, WCS, as a BCB MomIRL (in real life!). She is killing it as a mom and also as a professional at Restorative Pelvic Physical Therapy in LA where she loves being an advocate and a voice for birthing persons everywhere!
Marcy is a hilarious mama of 2 boys who has a passion for women’s health and whose first-hand expertise of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period helps shape her ability to relate to other women in similar circumstances.  She shares her #momlife story below, really telling the real truths of motherhood!

Kara Coleen Photography

We want you to meet our BCB #MomIRL…

Name: Marcy Crouch
Age: 37. I think.
Kid(s) and Ages: William (Will), 2 and Jonathan, 4
Where do you live? Sunny So Cal: Redondo Beach, CA
Other than a mom, what do you do? 
I do many things, lol. I feel like I always have something going on! Which is great, I like being busy! Professionally I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and I specialize in pelvic floor rehab, pregnancy care, post partum recovery, bowel and bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, and good ol’ acute and chronic pelvic pain. I’ve been doing this work for about 10 years, and I just love it. No knees for me, give me all the vaginas. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best pelvic floor PTs and docs in the country and have learned so much during my career. My patients are my biggest teachers, and I love being an advocate and a voice for birthing persons everywhere. I’ll cry with my patients when we reach our goals, you better believe it. My family moved back to Los Angeles in 2018, and I decided I would hang my shingle and open my own clinic. Restorative Pelvic PT was born, and it’s a boutique practice located in the South Bay of Los Angeles. You can find me on IG @thedowntheredoc where I post all things vaginas, motherhood, and everything in between.
Personally, being the mom to 2 young boys is preeeeeety time consuming. My husband is a collegiate volleyball coach, so his schedule is cray and certain times of the year he travels a lot. Between running my business, mothering my kids, taking care of all things life related, I try to schedule some time for me to do what I love, which is riding horses. I grew up at the barn and competed in hunter/jumper and now that I’m back in my hometown I am re-kindling that flame. I ride once a week for an hour or so, and I love it so much. I’m older and not so, um how
do you say…..fearless and flexible, but I’m getting there.
What are the 5 things you never leave home without (other than your phone)?
Mineral powder sunscreen, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, my menstrual cup, and my waterbottle. There are about 34775389849023902 more things in my diaper bag, those 5 are just for me
If there were 1 product or service that’s helped you survive motherhood, what is it?
Netflix and UberEats- together as one in the most holy of marriages
What are the 3 most useful products you loved when you had a baby?
BurtsBee diaper rash cream, Swaddle Sacks (the kind with the velcro), and noise machines
What’s your go-to easy family dinner?
It’s a real complicated and VERY time consuming secret recipe- I really shouldn’t be sharing this. Could get in a lot of trouble….but I will.
Frozen lasagna: turn on oven, preheat, take lasagna out of freezer, place in oven, drink glass of wine.
How do you balance it all? Do you have any #momhacks to share that makes this easier?
This is a loaded question. Some weeks I’m like on top of everything, and others I’m so far behind and overwhelmed and exhausted and lonely. So I don’t know? I just wake up and I do what needs to be done, and some things don’t get done, and some do. I’m trying to learn to not sweat the small stuff and work on the priority things. The boys, my family, myself, work, the house stuff. I do a lot of late night laundry and work stuff and like shower daily and eat 3 meals! Basically just winning at life. And sometimes I cry and go to bed at 9. It’s called balance.
Talk to us about mom guilt…do you have it? How do you combat it?
I have guilt about pretty much all things related to mothering. It’s real BS actually, that this is even a thing. I have guilt about working, about not working, about looking at my phone, about how I talk to the boys, how I not talk to the boys, spending alone time, not spending alone time, making an appt for my own PT to help with a chronic neck/shoulder issue, spending money on kids things and sitters and activities, etc. Like ALLLLLL the things. I don’t know how to combat it. I think the goal is to acknowledge it, let it sit for a second, and then let it float away. Very
buddist of me, right? But lemme tell you. Easier said than done.
What is 1 thing no one really knows about you?
I secretly wish I went to acting school and did improv. I’ve always wanted to learn how to act and be a comedic actor. There are so many strong female actors/comedians that I just love.
What message do you think every woman should hear?
You’re important, your vagina is important, your health and body is important, and don’t take no for an answer when you speak up about your concerns. You’re worth it, and if a health care provider brushes you off with the answer “you just had a baby, what do you expect”, run far and fast into the arms of your local pelvic floor PT. Or call me.
What motivates you most?
My kids. I want them to see their mama doing something for the greater good. Helping people and working toward a cause that is bigger than me
What’s at least 1 regular family routine you have implemented to keep your family running smooth?
My hubs and I have started a nightly check in- where we go over the budget, expenses, any issues, concerns, plan date nights, etc. We do this after the boys are in bed and it’s nice to have a quiet 30 min or so to just run our lives. With the boys we do family dinner together every night, and when they get older we want to do weekly fam meetings
Who is in your mom tribe and how did you meet them?
MY PEEEEEEEEEEEOPLE! I have 2 tribes, and I’m so lucky. The first one is 4 years old, and I met these ladies at the weekly Mom’s Group that my hospital put on. We all started when our babies were like 4-6 weeks old, and now they all turned 4. We’ve gone through family tragedy, milestones, illness, moves, and new babies together. They live in Portland, but we try and do a yearly trip to get together. Before I moved back to CA, we did book club, wine night, playdates, and weekend trips together. I just love them. Our text threads are hilarious.
My second tribe I just started gathering here in LA, once my older son started pre-school last year. I met them through school, during drop off and pick up and hallway chats and school events. They are my local sister wives and are just fabulous.
What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood?
Everything is a phase, when you think you just can’t deal and you are going to literally jump off a pier, something changes and puts you back up on your feet again. Also, you’ll be REAL hungry during that first week home from the hospital. Like REAL hungry, so stock up on easy to eat high fat and protein foods so you can just shovel food into your mouth while you are nursing at 3 am.
When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do?
My first choice is to head to the barn and jump on a horse, or 2. Or just sit there and smell horse hair, manure, hay, sweat, dust and leather. I know it’s weird, but the barn is like so nostalgic for me, it’s my happy place. Secondly I would love to SLEEP, preferably in a sensory deprivation chamber. Thirdly, a nice mani/pedi, lunch, facial, etc always does the trick, added bonus if it’s with my lady friends so we can use profanity and drink wine and belly laugh. Who’s in?

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