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Viacord: Top Cord Blood Questions Answered

By Emily Savage

We know the topic of cord blood banking can be overwhelming but it is an important topic to be educated on in advance of giving birth because the decision to bank or not to bank can only be made during a short window after birth. Being thoroughly informed on this topic & putting a plan in place to bank your baby’s cord blood in advance of the birth is recommended. We are so excited to share with our BCB community our latest interview with BCB Resident Expert, Kate Girard, Director Scientific and Medical Affairs ViaCord Cord Blood Bank.  Keep scrolling to learn more about cord blood and tissue banking, why parents would consider doing this, how to go about determining the best fit for banking and more about the current research that’s happening today in this area.
Why would I consider banking my cord blood?

How do I go about deciding where to bank cord blood + how long is it good for?  What options do I have – I’m thinking about banking but where would I start?  Learn about the difference between public and private banks.

How many Viacord families have used their cord blood + what are some indications that it’s typically used for?  What clinical trials are under way?

What’s the most current research that’s happening today with cord blood and tissue banking?

Can you explain more about delayed cord blood and tissue clamping?

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