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Back to School Transition Tips from YOU

By Emily Savage

As we are transitioning from summer to fall (why does summer always go too fast!?) and the back to school season is upon us, we rounded-up some of the best tips from YOU ,our BCB community on Facebook and Instagram, to help  families ease the stress and craziness that goes along with this time of year! Do you have any to add?  Comment below & let us know!
Start a school routine a few weeks early.  This will help them get back into the habit so you don’t have overly tired kids on your hands the first week of school. -Carmen B.
Keep bedtimes relatively the same between school time and summer and eliminate any late night possibilities completely the week before school starts. -Shelly T.
Stat a sleep schedule 2 weeks before and drive that route if you’re driving your kids to see how long it’ll take and add 5 min (traffic/bus stops) so when kids are back at school you’re not running super late. -Maria C.
We try to stay on the school schedule during the summer too so it’s not as big of a change. -April N.
Shop early for back to school, so you have time if you forget anything and start getting back into the morning routine a week or two before school starts. -Staci A.
We buy clothes all year round, instead of one huge trip in July/August.  This enables us to enjoy sales, clearance and other seasonal closeout specials for the upcoming year.  This year I am also waking my soon-to-enter pre-k son at the same time we will need to be up, to reset his clock a little bit. -Kylee R.
Stock up on school supplies when they go on sale and the Dollar Tree is awesome. -Melissa M.
Buy school supplies and get back on schedule a bit before school to make the transition easier. -Rebecca P.
Shop early and take your kids to back to school night. -Candace H.
Keep up on learning all summer long. -Emily S.
I bought flash cards and we play while secretly learning. -Nicole G.
We keep learning all summer.  With adventures and nature. Cooking, baking, measuring.  Plus reading.  A few weeks before school, I try to get on a bedtime and morning routine for the school year. -Elizabeth M.
Sunday night set out the outfits for the week, for yourself and your child/children. -Maja A.
Get ready the night before. It makes mornings a breeze. -Keri J.
Set out what you kid will wear for the entire week with you kid. Help prevent morning meltdowns and save time. -InJoo Y.
Prep everything the night before. Prep all the snacks, etc. the night before.  Some you can pack for the week.  Put out breakfast bowls and silverware the night before. -Shalini S.
When you label, (backpacks, lunchboxes, jackets) please be sure to do it on the inside!  You don’t want strangers coming up and addressing your child by name.  If your child is younger and/or shy, a phone number and address (written inside the backpack) is very helpful to bus drivers. -Jill W.
Take a tour.  Go through some test runs.  Get ready for school and take them to school.  Prep them for the routine. -Stephen C.
Meal plan!! Have snacks and sides for lunches readily available to make mornings go smooth! -Nicholl M.
My best tip is to prepare dinner meals for the week.  -Tonia B.
Shop and prepare early, get on the school year wake/sleep schedule, and put all school related info in your calendar. -Stacey Y.
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