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BCB Mom IRL: Dana Gordon

By Emily Savage

Dana Gordon,  founder and designer at Dana Rebecca Designs, Dana Gordon, is a long-time BCB supporter and this week’s BCB Mom IRL (in real life!)!  Based in Chicago, this fine jewelry brand was built on the simple idea that your jewelry should make you feel as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt and as amazing as your little black dress.  You can find her at @danarebecca on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!  Scroll down to read more about Dana, how she got started and how she juggles mom life and working life!

We want you to meet our BCB #MomIRL…

Name: Dana Gordon

Age: 35

Kid(s) and Ages: Poppy 5, Lulu 2 1/2

Where do you live? Chicago, IL

What are the 5 things you never leave home without (other than your phone)? My ID, my ring stack, my evil eye, my keys and my lip gloss 

If there were 1 product or service that’s helped you survive motherhood, what is it? Wine helps me survive, but so does Aquafor. I swear it cures everything! BUT for me, it’s a glass of wine!

What are the 3 most useful products you loved when you had a baby? A baby swing, WubbaNub Pacifier and Boppy. We couldn’t live without those three.

What’s your go-to easy family dinner?  Really, frozen pancakes are everything. I thought about pretending to write a homecooked item but that would be lying.

How do you balance it all?  Do you have any #momhacks to share that makes this easier? I don’t balance anything. I start each day as a new day and try to find something that makes me feel good or positive. That can be opening the door to wake up my kids or closing the door to put them to bed. No matter what, I am at my best when I start or end my day with them. Moms are supposed to withstand an enormous amount of pressure and balance it all. Frankly, it’s not realistic. I firmly believe in finding something that feels balanced every day. Sometimes, my kids eating an entire pancake is a huge win for me. I think the small wins make me feel like a hero!

Talk to us about mom guilt…do you have it?  How do you combat it? Mom guilt is real and completely unfair. We don’t ask dads about their guilt. I am positive my girls are strong and independent because they see their mom hustling hard on a day to day basis. I feel guilty that I cannot spend all my time with them, but frankly, I love what I do and know I’m a better mom because of it. So when I am around, I try my best to be present and with them.

What is 1 thing no one really knows about you?  I’m pretty much a homebody. I love being at home with my family after a long day at work. I am very social, but I’d prefer being home!

What message do you think every woman should hear? Don’t listen to the noise around you. Follow your gut and do what’s right for your kids and family. Mom shaming should be illegal!

What motivates you most? My girls and making sure they are proud of the business I have built and the women I inspire!

What’s at least 1 regular family routine you have implemented to keep your family running smooth?My kids are typically bathed and fed by the time I get home, so I know that our day ends with snuggling and being together. We can be found watching a show, facetiming our cousins or playing with dolls but the night always ends with positive play. I am lucky to have support who can help with the harder tasks like bed and bath so that when I get home, it’s purely enjoyable. I find that helps me feel like a better mom versus begging them to eat or pay attention to getting dressed and ready for bed.

Who is in your mom tribe and how did you meet them? I pride myself on having groups of friends from various aspects of my life. My childhood friends come from elementary school, Hebrew school, camp, etc. I am so lucky to be close to my high school friends and college crew. I have also met amazing friends through my kid’s school and feel so fortunate to know that they have my kids back every day (if I’m unable to be a part of their school day, etc.) We all support each other in various ways, and I’m lucky that as I have built DRD I have also gained so many clients who have become part of my life.

What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood? Like I said before, do not listen to what other moms say as the gospel. Do what’s right for you and your family. Every family is different, and following your gut is most important.

When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do?  I try to find time for myself, but in reality, time for myself maybe while on an airplane for a work trip where real me time kicks in. I do cherish the nights where I get to relax and watch Bravo after putting my kid’s to bed.

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