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Nikki Burdine: Crib Notes from a New Mom

By Emily Savage

In this addition of our Crib Notes From A New Mom, we caught up with one of our fave first-time moms and a morning news anchor in Nashville, Nikki Burdine, who recently brought home her adorable preemie girl, Andi, from the NICU.  She claims she is far from an expert mom (who is?!) but she is excited to share some items she has really grown to love since bringing her daughter home. 

Read more about Nikki here + scroll down to see her new mom must-haves and enter to win an amazing round-up of some of her faves!

My husband and I left Washington, DC and moved home to Nashville to start a family 2 years ago and it was the best decision we’ve ever made! I’m new to motherhood, so I am still figuring this whole thing out! My journey to motherhood has also been different – the first 2-and-a-half months, my daughter was in the NICU, so we didn’t have her home to be ‘normal’ parents. After 71 days, she came home, so the most rewarding part would be just being able to be her mother in our home, tuck her in, feed her and cuddle her!

Who’s in your mom tribe?  My mom tribe is growing by the day! One of my best friends, Lindsey, lives just a few blocks away and she has been my go-to for everything. And even though some of them aren’t moms, I would add our NICU nurses to this list. They have been amazing, even since coming home from the NICU. Some are moms, some aren’t, but they know how to care for babies like none other!

What’s your best advice for new moms? Make time for yourself, it’s so easy to let the days go by and not leave the house. I am much happier when I make myself take a walk or even run an errand. Sunshine is your friend!

My Instagram is full of morning news shenanigans—I go to work at 3am so life can be bizarre. And my coworkers are crazy, in the best way.  I post a lot about being a new mom and of course and my adorable furbabies. I am a big animal lover and try to raise awareness for adoption.  I’m also a wanna-be lifestyle blogger sharing tips, tricks, finds and everything in between on my blog. I don’t know it all, but I share what I figure out along the way…with a lot of goofiness and REALNESS in between.  You can find me on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

Learn even more about Nikki in our Nashville Moms feature.

Nikki shared with us some of her new mom must-haves and one lucky winner will take home a giant prize package featuring many of her faves!  Scroll down to enter!

Hatch Sleep Machine: Our daughter was in the NICU for 71 days because she was born premature, so she got used to sleeping with all kinds of noises. Being home, she needs that white noise to sleep. This little device is chic-looking so it blends in well to most neutral-colored nurseries, and it automatically hooks up to an app so its super easy to use. The Hatch also has cycles you can program to use and a built-in night light. The night-light is perfect for middle of the night feedings.
Mama Roo: Remember the days of parents putting their kids in cars to drive them around until they fall asleep? This is the modern-day answer to that. The Mama Roo has a swing setting, a car setting and a few others. Pop the baby in there and press a button, the MR will swing and sway her to sleep.
Halo Sleep Sack: Our daughter will not sleep in anything else! We initially registered for a ton of swaddles, and although the patterns are cute, nothing is better than the sleep sack. Getting the hang of a swaddle can be difficult, especially in the middle of the night. The sleep sack is velcro and takes the guess work out of swaddling.
Nose Frida: How did I not invent this? This contraption is genius. It may seem a little gross at first, but I promise you get over that feeling quickly and you won’t be able to live without it. This replaces those bulb syringes that really don’t suction much out of your baby’s nose. The Nose Frida goes right into her little nostrils, and you suck out the snot. Don’t worry, it won’t go into your mouth, there’s a filter to prevent that. This little tool is so much more effective than a bulb syringe, and easier to clean.
Uppa Baby Stroller: There’s a reason everyone has this stroller. It’s the best. Get the bassinet to go with it, and use it throughout your house. One thing I’ve learned – is you’ll want two of everything if you have more than one level to your house. We bought the Uppa Baby stand to go with the bassinet and keep it downstairs when we are not using the stroller. It’s a great place for her to nap during the day.
Dr. Brown’s Bottles: Having a preemie, we tried just about every bottle. This is the only one that worked. If you have a preemie – try Dr. Brown’s first!
Moms on Call Book Set & Online Course: If I can recommend anything to new parents – it’s this book. This book with CHANGE your life. It’s regimented and you have to follow it to a T, but if you do, your baby will be happy and so will you. It also takes the guess work out for a lot of things that new parents are clueless about. Like what to buy for day-to-day needs, how to swaddle and even how to do bath time.
Honest Baby Wipes: I love the pretty packaging of these and the fact that they are organic.
Hand Sanitizer: No real review needed for this, just know that you will want to keep germs away from your little one and you can never have enough hand sanitizer. We bought a little hook to have it hang from our diaper bag.
Burt’s Bees Burp Cloths: Order these. Order them in bulk. You will go through 10 a day. They are soft and thick.
Noodle & Boo Diaper Cream: There’s something about this cream that is just so sweet. It’s effective, of course, but I also love the way it smells and the packaging.
Milk Snob Privacy Cover for Car Seat: There are hundreds of privacy covers for car seats, this one is the best. It’s stretchy and easy to throw on over your car seat or stroller and it comes in a lot of patterns. I also love that it doubles as a breast-feeding privacy cover.

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FOR MORE ON Nikki Burdine, check her out on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook.

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