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BCB Top School Lunch Ideas Straight From YOU!

By Emily Savage

National School Lunch Week, #NSLW19, is October 14-18, 2019 & according to many of our BCB parents we heard from on Facebook and Instagram, they are already running out of ideas & are tired of packing lunches! 🙂  So, we turned to our experts in the field, YOU, to help us come up with some new #lunchinspo ideas to help parents put a fresh spin on their every day lunch routine!

See below for a quick round-up of some of our fave ideas straight from parents IRL to help spruce up your kiddos’ lunch + make the daily lunch grind more fun!

I’ve got a “school lunch” highlight in my profile where I share a bunch of make-ahead sandwiches that can be prepared in bulk and then frozen! Just pull them out in the morning and they’re perfectly thawed by lunch. My favorite is ham and cheese Hawaiian roll sandwiches.

DIY pizza lunchables! So much healthier and a lot of fun. I also love my kids’ lunchbots lunchbox!

I love sending my @gosiliproducts straws in school lunches with drinkable yogurts! ? ? ✏️

Using cookie cutters with fruits and veggies can make them more appealing!

Diy lunchables. My daughter still has 2 years of preschool but we already have her bento box for when she starts kindergarten lol she’s so excited to bring lunches like her cousin does. Hopefully by then I will have a lot of good ideas and she will be less picky and actually eat!

I color string cheese packaging to make it look like a cow or a superhero! ? ❤️

I prep what I can the night before and utilize cute containers. Thanks to my local Daiso stores which sells Japanese stuff mostly at $1.50 each I buy special lunch molds and do things like cut pita bread from Whole Foods into shapes, stamp faces into it with the food stencil/stamp and use tiny condiment containers to put the hummus in. I have lollipop sticks I put grapes on to resemble balloons and just utilize cute containers to store things in. I pack rice into a silicone heart shape mold and squeeze it onto a bento tray and cut Chinese sausage hearts and use cute sauce containers to hold soy sauce as well.

For a different take on turkey/ham and cheese I’ll wrap it up in a wrap, then slice it in maybe 6 pieces- laid on the side they look like little swirly, pinwheel bites! haha ??

I use stainless steel lunch containers (Greenpack) and snack containers (LunchBots). I use silicone muffin cups to separate items like crackers or grapes. I use silicone snack and sandwich bags that can go in the dishwasher. Bonus that they come in my kids’ favorite colors. After 3 years of daily use and going through the dishwasher, they are all like new.

I use different color purees to add designs to his yogurt. Cookie cutters make fruit and veggie slices fun. Dips for veggies and crackers are also big winners.

Any and all “dips” are winners in our house. So I’m a huge fan of including fruits and veggies to dip in a variety of sauces like yogurt, hummus, or nut butters. ☺️

This is a great post bc I run out of ideas and my kid just started kindergarten ? we do the uncrustable sandwiches which are super easy for him open and eat, along with the Hawaiian rolls with lunch meat. I take what veggies my son likes ( carrots , tomatoes for example ) and will pack those with ranch, cut up fruit -fruit cups are time savers!! I also love a kid size @hydraflask I fill with ice water & it keeps it cold all day.

We love using our @bentgo kids box. Less waste, it makes me give a well-rounded lunch, and super easy for my kindergartner to use. Her absolute favorite lunch right now is a Kodiak cake waffle sandwich with peanut butter and honey.

Jessica Mansour Eisenbraun Just like eating dinner at home, I find my kids eat more and healthier food when they contribute to their lunches. The morning is always a rush so we try our best to make lunches the night before together. We use these cool divided boxes that have pictures of recommended (fruit, veggie, protein, grain) things that should go in each spot to make a balanced meal. Anything deconstructed is usually a hit but I also find leftovers to go over well too. My kids don’t mind cold quesadillas, cold pizza, or cold pesto tortellini. Also cubes of thickly sliced deli meat and cheese or mini meatballs with a toothpick is a favorite.
Amber Ludwig I follow mom bloggers of all walks of life on Pinterest and get so many great ideas! My best suggestion is to invest in quality when it comes to lunch boxes and containers. Avoid leaks, breaking and too cold/hot foods this way. Pack variety over a larger qty as they have such a short time to eat it all.
Shelly Toews I like using Re-play’s snack stack containers in my kindergartener’s lunch. They seal tightly and I haven’t had any leaks but he can open them himself which isn’t always the case with containers. My kid doesn’t really like sandwiches that aren’t peanut butter so he often chooses yogurt or cottage cheese as his main thing to eat.
Meenakshi Nichani Send hot lunches by buying a thermos container. Put boiling hot water in it for 6-10 minutes can use a kettle or boil on stove if you don’t have a kettle. Heat hot lunches like Mac and cheese pasta and meatballs chicken fried rice etc on the stove or micro till it’s hot. Throw out the hot water and put in the hot lunch and voila your child has a hot lunch!!! This gives you so many more options!!! A friend told me this and it was a game changer!!!!

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