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Kaylee Baggerly: New Mom Must Haves

By Emily Savage

We were excited to catch up with one of our fave Austin moms and ATX lifestyle and working mom blogger, Kaylee Baggerly of Balancing By Design.  Kaylee helps coach new moms on ways to have and do it all and transition back to work and grow their careers WITH their families.

Kaylee, 29, has a sweet little girl, Adelaide, 2, and a baby boy on the way, due early January 2020! She is a manager at a big consulting firm where she helps clients manage change during large implementations, mergers, acquisitions or other strategic initiatives. She also owns her influencer blog, coaching and consulting business, Balancing By Design, where she helps mommas transitioning back into the workplace have the products, resources and experiences to do so; She helps market what can help, helps them prepare their resumes, searches for jobs and even consults momma businesses on how to launch and grow!  Learn even more about Kaylee in our Austin Moms feature.

Kaylee shared with us some of her new mom must-haves and one lucky winner will take home a giant prize package featuring many of her faves!  Scroll down to enter!

#1 Diaper Cream Applicator (the butt spatula): works to make it so you don’t have to ruin a manicure, don’t add more germs to your baby’s bum, and can get a solid, even amount of cream on baby’s bum after any diaper change. A game changer during teething poos and during hot summer humid months here in Austin. Comes in a regular or travel size with a carry case so you can take it on the go!
#2  Iplay Baby Swimsuit with a Built-in Diaper (the easiest way to change a diaper with a toddler at the pool or beach): I really struggled with taking Addie to the pool with a million swim diapers that barely held anything in; so when I found this swim suit with a built in diaper, that is super absorbent, cute and PULLS on with sizes 0-24 months, I went for it. It took the stress out of going to splash pads around town after work together!
#3 Tegu Magnetic Blocks (how I keep my child quietly entertained with minimal clean up when she’s sick at home but I still have conference calls): these come with a travel case and are magnetic so you just bend down one time and they all click together. They come in lots of colors and great for traveling but also great sensory toys that entertain the kids. Who doesn’t think magnets are cool?
#4 Nuby Sticky Tray and Tommie Tippee Easi Roll Bib  (how I reduce clean up while my toddler throws food everywhere at 6am and I’m trying to get out the door to work): so I had to figure out a fast routine for getting us both out of the door to daycare and/or to an office and found that these trays and bibs are a magic trick. The bibs catch so much food and can be thrown into the dishwasher and sized from 0-24 months. Sometimes Addie digs into her bib for a second helping, too! The tray sticks to the table so she cannot rip it off and throw her full meal on the ground and it also is dishwasher safe. They both come in lots of fun colors as well. Makes breakfast as simple as I could hope for! 
#5  Fawn Design Diaper Bag (a bag that makes being a momma look fashionable): I struggled for a long time to find a diaper bag that was big enough to carry what I needed, small enough to not be too hefty, and cute enough for me to feel somewhat put together when picking my kiddo up from daycare in a suit. This leather diaper bag is a god-send. It has six pockets, can be a saddle bag or backpack, and is simply adorable. I could use it as a backpack for myself I love it so much. I even found a matching one for when Addie is older!
#6 Contigo straw cups – Now that we have a toddler, these spill-proof cups with a straw are our number one meal item. They are great for water and milk, AND sparkling water. Every time we put sparking water into another cup, it would spill over. These make it, so our daughter can enjoy her ‘bubbles’ without the spills!
#7 Re-usable snack bags – I love the cute designs on these Bumkins bags and the fact that they are dishwasher and washing machine safe. Our kiddo loves holding these bags because they are so cute, too! She calls them her purse!
#8  Fire Tablet – While the Amazon Kids Fire tablet is a bit expensive, we got it around when our kiddo was 1 year old. It’s been amazing for road trips, air plane trips and as a distraction for meals at restaurants when we need a break from the playscapes. It comes with a feature that also helps control what your kiddos can access and watch!
#9  Native Shoes – These shoes are dishwasher and washing machine friendly, don’t smell, are water proof and come in a few cute designs and many colors. They are perfect for summers and beach trips AND potty training when things need to get clean!
#10  Maxi – Cosi Car Seat – We love this car seat because you can take all the fabric completely apart to put into the washing machine. It has 2 cup holders and the clasp system is easy to use.
#11 Wubba Nub – A classic baby registry item, these adorable animals attached to Philips Avent pacifiers make it easy for the binkie to stay in your infant’s mouth, easy to spot them and a fun toy. We cut the animals off the binkie once our kiddo turned one and she still plays with the animals!
#12  Copper Pearl Bibs – These are the only bibs that are adorable, don’t fade when you wash them and catch everything!!! They are also super soft. 
#13  Stroller Fan – this stroller fan is super affordable and a summer-time must-have. We would clip the battery-operated fan onto our stroller and car seat to help cool our kiddo down during those hot summer months!
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FOR MORE ON Kaylee, check her out on Instagram or Facebook.  She has Momma Resources Page where she features some of her favorite outsourcing and brands, Working Momma Diaries Blog to detail her favorite things, MOMBOSS Monday Tips to help moms transition back into the workforce and grow their businesses, Monthly Giveaways and events for her #momtribe to get to know each other.

Photos by Tia from The Daily Lens with Tia Costello


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