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BCB Mom IRL: Laurel Myers

By Emily Savage

We are so excited to showcase this week’s BCB Mom IRL (in real life!), Laurel Myers, mom to 2 little ones and Co-Founder and COO of Prima, a hemp-based wellness brand focused on high-quality, beautifully designed functional botanical products.  Between killing it as a monpreneur, her husband and kids, Laurel’s plate is (thankfully) very full. It sounds grandiose, but Laurel admits that at the end of the day, whether it’s with her kids or with her business, with her friends or her family, she’s trying to make a better world.  One, she claims, where we’re a little bit kinder, a little bit more patient, a little most honest and open. In the moments in between, she looks for the other things that fill her up, like going to the farmer’s market with her family, cooking something complicated from a cookbook when she has have a few hours to herself, spending time outdoors, and being with her family.

Continue reading to learn more about this amazing mom boss who is killing it in both her professional and personal worlds!  We know you will agree so be sure to check out their website, Instagram and Facebook.


We want you to meet our BCB #MomIRL…

Name: Laurel Angelica Myers
Age: 35
Kid(s) and Ages: Evelyn Angelica Myers, age 4, Ford Atticus Myers age 21 months
Where do you live? Los Angeles

Tell us about your business: We launched this year with a line of wellness and skin care products that we developed and innovated from the ground up, as well as an online magazine that talks about hemp, health, happiness, and everything in between. Because at the root of it, we’re living in a time of immense stress, and that simply can’t be the status quo. We need to get to a place where as individuals we aren’t just surviving, but thriving, and we can’t do that if we feel like we’re constantly fighting uphill battles on every front. So Prima is here to help — help make things a little bit better. To give people the realization that when we feel better, we can be a better spouse, parent, partner, colleague, friend — and when we do that, we drive human connection, and that is the crux of it all. 
What are the 5 things you never leave home without (other than your phone)? A phone charger, my wallet, a rubber band, wipes, and my zip bag of all the things: lip balm, tampons, bobby pins, organic lollipops (this is a LIFESAVER in a pinch with the kids), perfume (it makes me feel instantly polished, and non-toxic OF COURSE), and lipstick, for the rare occasion I want to feel spruced up, it’s always there and I don’t have to think about it. It’s like my Marry Poppins bag of goodies, and by having it all in one small pouch, I can swap bags and never forget anything. 
If there were 1 product or service that’s helped you survive motherhood, what is it? This is a really tough question because there are so many different stages and facets. Even in the first year, there are things that are truly LIFESAVERS in the first 3 months postpartum, but six months later, you’ve completely forgotten about them (hello, nipple balm and nursing pads). Truly, I have no idea how to pick. In the infancy there was my breast pump, which I had a complete love/hate relationship with (I’ve had two electrics, and I loved my second one, the Spectra S1), the Miracle Blanket (my favorite swaddle) and Merlin Magical Sleep Suit (it looks absolutely absurd, but let me tell you, when it came to de-swaddling, it was a dream), nipple balm, and nursing pads. I also loved my diaper roll because it meant I didn’t really need a diaper bag; I had everything I needed in one roll that I could grab as I walked out the door. There are a few versions out there from Skip Hop to Pottery Barn Kids, but I loved this one by Agatha Cub because it felt stylish and discreet while also being crazy functional. 
It probably seems like a copout because I actually worked there for over 6 years, but probably the most useful with the most longevity regardless of my stage of motherhood is The Honest Company. I absolutely love the products so much (I’m a bit biased since I helped design and develop them), but it’s also the fact that it created one less thing to think about. I’d always have diapers, wipes (which are the most universally useful mom tool I’ve found), bath products, and cleaning products, so I didn’t have to think about getting that stuff at the store or running out. One thing I’ve learned: the more I can rid my brain of remembering the small tasks, the more RAM I have to focus on the important stuff.
What are the 3 most useful products you loved when you had a baby? See above!
What’s your go-to easy family dinner?  If you want to share the recipe, please feel free. We love oven roasted salmon with roasted sweet potato fries and roasted cauliflower. The kids love all three almost every time, so it’s an easy win. And I love it because it’s really simple to make, I almost always have cauliflower and sweet potatoes on hand, and it’s really easy to spice up the veggies with different ingredients depending on what I have in my cupboard. I always make a point of having fresh herbs on hand in my fridge, so I love roasting the veggies and finishing off with herbs for extra flavor. Combos below!
Sweet Potato Fries
Half small organic sweet potatoes, toss liberally in olive oil and salt and cook at 425 for 25-30 minutes, until tender and browning but not burnt. Ways to spice it up below!

  • Option 1: Toss in cumin before roasting
  • Option 2: Finish with fresh sage
  • Option 3: If you are feeling ambitious, these are delicious with homemade chimichurri on top. I love the Gjelina chimichurri recipe, this one is also great.  

Cut a head (or two!) of organic cauliflower into large florets, toss liberally in olive oil and sea salt, and place on baking sheet evenly. Make sure they are spread out and not touching, this ensures they get golden brown/crispy and don’t just steam each other. Roast at 425 until they are golden brown and crispy in parts, but not burnt, about 25 minutes. Options for finishing off below!

  • Option 1: 5 minutes before they are done, pull out of the over and add pine nuts and a squeeze of lemon juice. Roast for another 5 minutes until the juice is evaporated.
  • Option 2: Toss cauliflower in curry powder before roasting. When finished, toss cauliflower in mixture of 3 tablespoons veganaise and juice of 1 lime, then finish with fresh cilantro (this recipe is courtesy of Gweneth Paltrow in It’s All Easy).
  • Option 3: Before roasting, toss cauliflower with Za’atar and Aleppo (I love introducing my kids to a bit of spice). While that’s roasting, chop up preserved lemon, pistachios, lemon juice, olive oil, and fresh herbs such as cilantro and flat leaf parsley. Remove cauliflower from oven and dress with mixture. 

Preheat oven to 500 degrees, and heat a cast iron or metal-handled skillet/pan on the stove until hot — no oil needed, the salmon should be fatty enough to cook in its own oils. Bring salmon (8 oz fillets) to room temp and season generously with salt and pepper, and place flesh side down in the hot pan until nicely browned/seared, and the salmon is cooked about half-way through (you’ll see the color change along the side). Flip to skin side down and cook in the oven for 7 minutes. This is a no-fail salmon approach. Every time I second guess myself and cook it for longer, I overcook it — trust the recipe!
How do you balance it all?  Do you have any #momhacks to share that makes this easier?  I wish I could say that I felt successful at this, but frankly, I don’t feel like I balance it all. And I think anyone who says you can is lying to themselves (and others). It’s impossible to be two places at once, and I think the nature of being a working mom is coming to the realization that there is no perfect balance, or having it all, all the time. You’re always sacrificing something, and that’s ok, because that’s where the best stuff in life comes from. There’s so much pressure, especially now with how people depict their IG lives, to feel like you can do everything and it’s perfectly curated and beautiful and happy ALL THE TIME, but I realized, that’s not real life. And the moment I gave myself the space and self-forgiveness to know I’m doing my best, everywhere I can, that’s where the true happiness came in. 
I try to be present wherever I am. So when I’m home with my kids and they are awake, I try to be fully present with them. And then I tackle home logistics and planning when they are asleep. When I’m at work, I try to be my most present, multi-tasking, strategic-thinking self. And then at night I make myself checklists on what I need to do the next day for both. The other one is communication — having effective communication with my spouse and my coworkers is critical to making this work seamlessly. It’s all about teamwork, at work and at home, and for it to be teamwork means I have to rely on others to help me and visa versa. 
An example of where list making and communication come together in a house hack is a shared app my husband and I use to plan groceries, meals, and house/life to dos. It’s a shared place we can both add (and cross off!) things we need to do. It’s called Wonderlist. It’s made food/meal planning so much easier, which is a huge part of running our house day to day and week to week.
Talk to us about mom guilt…do you have it?  How do you combat it? 100%. All the time. Especially because both my husband and I were raised by stay-at-home moms, our childhoods looked pretty different than what our kids are experiencing. And I feel guilty about that every single day. I want to be the kind of mom I was raised by, and I want to have that time to be involved in the way she was, and that’s really hard to reconcile. But I think at the end of the day it all goes back to self-forgiveness, and community. Knowing that I love my kids more than anything in the world, and that I’m giving all of myself to them and to my work in every way I can, and what that models for them is what I try to reframe for myself when I’m feeling guilty. Also, having a partner and friends who support that is critical to my mental health. And honestly, the best antidote is when I’m laughing and snuggling with my kids at the end of the day and they tell me how much they love me and our house is full of health and happiness. That’s the silver bullet. Because that’s what matters.
What is 1 thing no one really knows about you? I wear my heart on my sleeve pretty openly, so I’m not sure if there is something no one really knows. Someday I want to live in the mountains with my family and have lots of dogs and horses, and I definitely want more kids, but most people that know me know all of this already. Maybe it’s that I wish I’d traveled when I was younger, before I ended up having (wonderful) commitments with work and family, but life somehow went by so fast and the time never felt right. It’s probably one of my biggest regrets. I’d like to do this at some point, maybe a decade or two from now when life looks pretty different, but at some point, I want to travel, really travel, live abroad for a year or two, go to southeast Asia, Morocco, Africa, South America. I want to explore other cultures, spend time getting back into philosophy and spirituality studies (my college major was Religion, so this is a big area of intellectual curiosity for me), do it while I’m young enough to take advantage of the physical adventure — I’d love to backpack, hike, kayak, camp — but when my kids are more independent and my professional life can allow for some serious time off. I hope that I really do do it, and perhaps part of the reason I’m sharing that here is to hold myself accountable publicly, because the internet is forever and now I can’t make excuses. 
What message do you think every woman should hear? You’ve got this. There is no one way and no right way. And the way that feels right for you is the way that IS right for you.
What motivates you most? Helping people. It’s truly what I love the most. It’s why I do what I do and will always be my motivating factor in life, no matter where I am and what I’m doing. It may sound cheesy, but it’s my truth. 
What’s at least 1 regular family routine you have implemented to keep your family running smooth?Life gets so busy and often my kids’ schedules and adult schedules don’t always sync. I wish I could be home for dinner with my kids every day, but I simply can’t. So, we prioritize Sunday family dinner. I try to involve the kids in cooking so it’s not just a time to eat, but to plan, engage, and then enjoy. But more than anything, our number one family ritual is reading books in bed every morning. We’ve done it since they were babies, and it’s my treasured time that no matter how crazy a day gets is always there since it’s at the start of the day. We stay really connected and present before life takes hold — it’s the best. Plus, who doesn’t love a family dog pile in bed?
Who is in your mom tribe and how did you meet them? I’m really fortunate that all of my closest friends that I met in my twenties also happened to have kids at the same time (give or take 6 months), so my mom tribe is the same tribe I’ve had for the last 15 year. And it’s a really strong community of couples too, where we’re all really close with one another and in a way, grew up together as we all learned how to be adults. It really is a pretty special village, like family. I know these are my people for life. And I know how rare it is, and for that I’m beyond grateful. 
What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood? Yes, it’s hard, but man is it fun. And don’t forget to enjoy the fun. Everyone talks about how hard it is, how little sleep you’ll get, juggling all of the new things, but it’s also really beautiful and incredible and messy and fun. And in the moments when it’s really stressful, don’t forget to take a deep breath, step back, and enjoy the beautiful mess.
When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do? This probably sounds silly, but I try to organize photos and make plans for all of the photo albums I’ll never make. My mind is really great at data recollection, but when it comes to memories, I have a harder time recalling. And I have a really photographic memory. So for me, photos are a really important way to feel connected and remember, as I imagine they are for most people. And being a mom, when time is on warp speed and my kids go from being an infant that sleeps all day to what feels like a pre-teen asking all of life’s deepest questions, photos are so important for me to reground myself and feel immediate gratitude. Organization also brings me great satisfaction and joy, so it’s one of those things that kills two birds with one stone for me.
You’ll note, I’m very much not on social media — and that’s intentional. For me it’s stressful and anxiety producing, and I made the decision that if I don’t like that pressure, why suffer? So I enjoy it for following brands and getting inspiration, but it’s not something I feel compelled to put my voice on. I’m pretty private, so to me this feels the most authentic and right for me. 

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