Girlfriends’ Guide to Labor & Delivery


Expecting a baby is such a special time in any woman’s life.  Often times the 9 months of pregnancy can bring with it a roller coaster of emotions & often times, women can be so busy trying to keep up with their soon-to-be new addition’s growth and how best to care for their newborn that they sometimes forget to do their due diligence on what they can expect for themselves in the hospital room!  We know there are many routine tips and expectations, but we are all girlfriends here and want to talk openly.  Which is why we feel so lucky to have several BCB Resident Experts on hand to help us weigh in on the down and dirty insider’s scoop of what to expect during labor and delivery.  We work with these experts to bring these kinds of tips to you through multiple online and in person at events like our Expectant Parent Dinners throughout the year!


Labor and Delivery Tips from the Experts


Dr. Casey Foreman, Psy.D, MPH is a Clinical Psychologist who recently presented at our October 2019 Expectant Parent Dinner in Chicago.

-80% of women experience the “baby blues” in the first 2-14 days following birth of the child

-15-20% of women experience more significant depression and anxiety.

-It is important for women to know they are not alone,  it is not there fault and Postpartum Depression and Anxiety is treatable!

– 3 helpful tips on ways to  cope are 1) Talk to your OB or Pediatrician and ask for help, 2) Sleep whenever you can 3) Create Time for yourself!


The Lactation Partners are nurses with 20+years experience in maternal-child health & IBCLC certified. They provide lactation & new family support in the Chicagoland area.  They present at multiple Expectant Parent Dinners in Chicago and host several BCB Webinars .Read more about them here and you can catch their webinar replays here.

-Communicate with your partner. Every couple has a birth plan(desires) even if its not written down.

-Be flexible and ask questions, labor does not always go as planned.

-Keep visitors in postpartum to a minimum, this is such an important time to rest, recover and get to know your new baby.

-Newborns are nocturnal and will have very frequent night wakings in the first couple days. This is NORMAL!

-Lots of snuggles and skin on skin time decreases fussiness. This helps babies transition into the world more peacefully as well as encourages frequent feedings that newborns need.

-Bring in your village. This is the time for friends/family support, not entertaining. When someone offers help, say YES!

You can learn more even more about breastfeeding if this is the right choice for you from the Lactation Partners through their recent video interview with BCB Founder and CEO, Lindsay Pinchuk.



Nikki Worden, LMT, Birth Doula and Massage Therapist.  FB @nickiwordendoula  IG Nicki_Worden.

-Hire a doula. Research has shown having a doula present at your birth improves outcomes regardless of how you plan to give birth.

-Educate and prepare. This is one of the most important days of your life. The memories will last a lifetime. Read a book, take a class, ask questions, talk with your provider about your options.

-Pro Doula tip: Many women experience nausea during labor. The smell of peppermint can help decrease nausea. Peppermint chapstick is the perfect combo.


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