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BCB MomIRL: Lindsey Lee Willson

By Lindsay Pinchuk

We’ve known Denver-based mom, Lindsey Lee Willson, 36, for a long time and through more than one of her pregnancies. We were beyond excited last year when Lindsey, mom to three boys, announced she was expecting her fourth—a little girl!   We’ve been following Lindsey’s blog,  LindseyLeeandtheboys for years and can’t wait to see the joy that baby girl is going to bring to this family!  We recently caught up with Lindsey, who shared all about this pregnancy, her gender reveal, and more.  You can also check out Lindsey’s must-haves for her hospital bag here


Kathleen Peachey Photography

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

I’m a mom of three boys and a former High School P.E. Teacher. I started an Etsy shop when my oldest was born, and I’ve explored the creative life ever since. My second son has multiple life threatening food allergies. After his allergies were diagnosed as a baby, I started blogging. That grew into sharing allergy friendly recipes and products.

I am still very passionate about being a voice for other Allergy Moms. However, my son has outgrown most of his allergies now, so I share less restrictive recipes that center on plant-based eating. I have been a vegetarian since I was a child, so I am very passionate about empowering moms and families to get creative about eating plants.   I also love to share honest motherhood stories and plenty of Boy Mom Chaos on my Instagram Stories. I want you to know you’re not alone in motherhood, I’m right here doing it all with you.  This is actually my 8th pregnancy. I have three boys. I’ve had four miscarriages, one of them was a D & C.

Tell us a little bit about this pregnancy:

Every pregnancy is different, for sure. Caring for three busy boys and being working from home, sure makes this pregnancy different than the others. This was a surprise pregnancy. I’m so thankful it was. After having two miscarriages in the last couple years, one of them being a traumatic D & C, I deeply wanted one more baby. I just wasn’t sure if I was ready to plan for it. I actually had emergency kidney stone surgery last spring and shortly after that I got pregnant, a complete surprise, but the best kind of surprise. Also, this time around I’ve just not been able to believe I really am having a girl! I couldn’t help but ask my doctor if my blood work vial could’ve been mixed up with someone else, or if it is really true. 
Most importantly, I’ve just tried to surrender my feelings and expectations this pregnancy, as fear and worry can become top of mind after my losses. I’ve tried to focus on caring for my family, pregnancy and myself and finding peace in the moment even when things are less than perfect or completely unknown.

Did you do a gender reveal or a pregnancy announcement of any kind?  

We did our first gender reveal this time around. However, I knew the gender going into it. I decided to see how I was feeling at the moment when I got the call from the doctor to find out the gender. I’m glad I found out then, because I didn’t believe it, I was in complete shock. I may have asked multiple times to make sure she was calling the right person AND that I understood… girl! I was able to pick up the blood work print out from the office to feel like this was really happening.  It was also great to show it to my husband after the reveal, because he was in shock also. 
We used Poof There It Is Reveals powder cannons.  I absolutely recommend this for a reveal, especially if you have kids, they think it’s so much fun! Plus, my older two boys are a little too curious…they snuck away and set one off on their own!


Check out more about Lindsey and her new mom favorites in our latest installment of “What’s in Your Hospital Bag?“.  (We’re also giving one lucky winner a $1,100+ prize package FILLED with many of them!   Make sure to follow her Instagram because she takes the most gorgeous photos!  (Psst, later this week she’s going to be sharing some tips right here to help all moms take great photos of your kids.  Stay tuned…)

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