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Catherine Lowe: What’s In My Diaper Bag?

By Emily Savage

Catherine Lowe @catherinegiudici, 33, went on a little show called “The Bachelor” just for fun.  She happened to meet the man of her dreams, Sean Lowe.  Catherine accepted Sean’s final rose and now these two live a very normal life in Dallas (where Sean is from) with their three kids Samuel Thomas (3), Isaiah Hendrix (18 months), their brand new sweet baby girl Mia — and, of course, their adored chocolate lab Ellie.

Catherine, former visual designer out of Seattle, WA, owns a luxury stationery business called LoweCo. and a referral based gifting service called LoweCo.ncierge which keeps her busy.  But Catherine admits, nothing is busier and more fulfilling than being a mom. “I love being in a club of mothers that understands the hardships, rewards and responsibilities that I face and love how empowering this position is! Moms kick serious butt!”

So what are some fave products that this busy mom swears by!?  We recently caught up with this third-time mom who shared her favorite diaper bags, PLUS  some of her must-have items she always keeps inside!  Aaaaand, one lucky winner will take home an AMAZING prize package featuring her Austin Fowler Leah Diaper Bag + many of her top product picks! Scroll down to check out her full list & to enter!

What diaper bag/bag do you carry as your diaper bag when you leave the house with your kids?

I have a variety of bags depending on the stages of my kids (and let’s be honest, my outfit ha!). My most recent travel necessity bag is the Leah Bag by Austin | Fowler, but I’ve also happily used Bella Tunno’s Boss Bag and Pottery Barn’s giant tote  Right now, since my kids don’t need a “traditional” diaper bag, they’ve been making do with just their little Pottery Barn kids personalized backpacks.

What are your must-have baby items to keep inside your bag?

  1.  Bambo Nature Diapers
  2. Waterwipes
  3. Burp Cloths x 3 (if Mia’s anything like Isaiah!).  We love Little Unicorn – so cute and soft!
  4. Pacifier x 2 Avent
  5. Extra set of baby clothes, socks, hat!
  6. Boob pads for me! Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads
  7.  Snacks for me – breastfeeding takes it out of you!
  8.  Baby blanket like Little Unicorn
  9.  Bibs like Numpfer Multi Use Bib or Bella Tunno Bibs
  10.  Water for me!   We love carrying it in the Think Waterbottle!

What are your must-have toddler items for your boys to keep inside your bag?

  1. Extra underwear for Samuel – he just completed potty training!
  2. Think waterbottle (Samuel is obsessed with pink so we carry a pink one) with filtered water in it for the boys to share!
  3. At least two  Bambo Nature diapers for Isaiah
  4.  Waterwipes
  5. Snacks — we like to carry a variety of savory and sweet snacks in our Seleware containers! Happy Family Snacks are super tasty!
  6. Small toys – Samuel couldn’t be more obsessed with animals so there’s always some animal figurines in the bag and Isaiah is super into this Bongo Square buckle toy that was passed down from Samuel.  We also love the great toys from Green Toys.
  7.  AVENTPacifier for Isaiah just in case of emergency
  8. Diaper bags for #2s – they have been using the Pottery Barn kids personalized backpacks
  9.  Hand wipes/sanitizer – into the individual packs by Babyganics

Do you want to win some of Catherine’s Faves?  Enter below to win!

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