Real Mom Breastfeeding Tips, Tricks + Product Picks from YOU!


Breastfeeding Tips, Tricks + Product Picks

We asked & you answered!  We went straight to YOU, our amazing community, and asked on Facebook and Instagram what real life products, tips & advice you all have to help others with their breastfeeding journey!  We know everyone has to do what works best for their family & no two families are alike, but we hope that you will be able to take some of these real life pearls of wisdom to add to your repertoire to help make your breastfeeding story a successful one.

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Here are the top breastfeeding tips & product picks straight from YOU, our BCB community:

Ileana Pamela: The 1 Medela breast pump!!  Pro Tip: Be sure to check sites like Ashland Breast Pumps for insurance-covered breast pumps.

Jessica Moran Kimball: 2 Nursing tanks are everything! Literally living in them and they make pumping so easy. I use that hands free pumping bra and put it on with just unclipping the tank. I recommend whatever pump you use, get extra flanges & bottles to make your life easier. Thanks for showing all of these products!

3 MLM Brand Little Black Nursing Dress is a fave product!  Designed by Chicago-based mom too!

Jennifer Beal: We just had our 3rd baby and my MUST have list for nursing has slimmed down substantially: -For the back to work part: A good water bottle that I enjoyed drinking from. 4 -Freemie collection cups -Healthy snack foods that weren’t going to spoil right away. 5-Medela steamer bags -For home, all the same as above plus the 6 Haakaa, a cozy throw blanket that I could use to cover up with- not a baby sized blanket!, freezer bags for milk, a 7 nursing poncho, a supportive partner, supportive friends and family.

Ileana Pamela The one tip that helped me out was don’t give up. I remember it was so painful but literally right when I wanted to give up BOOM! It all started falling into place

Genevieve Laura Dy: 8 Lansinoh lanolin nipple cream saved me during the first few months!!!

Carina Krantz: A good 9 water bottle is everything!!!

Amber Ludwig: 10 Boppy and nursing tanks

Brittany Abramson: 11 Ollie gray nursing/pumping bra

Patricia Kloth Jos: 12TheraPearls Warm/cold packs!

Melly Banelly: 13 Bamboobies, 14 earth mama angel baby nipple cream, and a boppy!

Shreya Aggarwal: Haaka!

Marsha Webb: Silicone breast pump, 15  Kiinde Bags 

Tracy Vang I have been EBF my two girls for 3.5 years now 🤣 it’s all trial and error… the one thing nobody prepared me for was that my girls might absolutely refuse to take a bottle. My first daughter was EBF till 12 months, got sick and extended it. My second came along and we are at 5 months EBF because she also won’t take a bottle. Selfish but, I can’t wait for a night out baby free!!! 🤣

Michelle Augé How much time is spent breastfeeding. It gets easier as you get further along because you are more comfortable figuring out how to cover up and just feed in order to not miss out on life. I also have pumped more with my second so I at least take a bottle for times I feel we cant stop or just need to get home or moving.

Laura Messner How painful the first two weeks are even the second time (even with a decent latch those first couple of week just were killer) but after the first two things got a lot easier

Staci Albright The one thing that surprised me, was that there is a learning curve-it doesn’t always come easily at first. Thankfully, I had a good support system and was able to stick to it.

@twinmamajama: With twins, I went exclusively to pumping.  My largest session was 21 ounces of milk!  Also, try and nurse when they’re sick, the milk produces antibodies to help.

@milkymaclothing: Sit or lay down while nursing, rest, relax and enjoy the cuddles.  Chores can wait!

@ana_travassos_xoxo: For me it was to relax myself so baby could be relaxed too.

@sandra_courdi_sheffield: A good nursing pillow: 16 Blessed Nest Nursing Pillow is the BEST!

@aksealing: I love 17 Motherlove Nipple Cream!

For more expert breastfeeding tips and support, you can visit our BCB Resident Breastfeeding Experts, The Lactation Partners on Instagram and their website.  You can also see more about them here.


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