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Tips for Eating Healthy with Your Kids

By Emily Savage

We recently turned to LA-based BCB  MomIRL, Jessica Luengo, CEO of  Naturally Clean Eats®️, and to our amazing Facebook community – YOU – real life moms, to round-up some quick tips, tricks and recipe ideas to help spark some kitchen creativity and instill a love of healthy eating in your kids from the beginning!

By: Jessica Luengo, CEO Naturally Clean Eats®️

  1. Get fun shapes to cut sandwiches, fruit and vegetables  — kids eat with their eyes!
  2. Take your kids to the farmers market and let them try and pick out the fruits and veggies they love best! They like being decision-makers 😉
  3. Pack healthy snacks in your bag so there’s no risk of having to buy unhealthy ones while out and about. I always have Naturally Clean Eats bars in my bag, along with maybe trail mix, an apple or orange, and dried fruit or kale chips.
  4. Let your kids wash fruit and cut it up— my kids love being in control and this is an easy one!
  5. Teach your kids how to make simple recipes, like pancakes, scrambled eggs, tacos, wraps, sandwiches or quesadillas — and only offer healthy options like whole grain or almond flour based flours and bread, unprocessed nut or seed butters, chopped spinach and kale for fillings, and fruit instead of sugar for toppings.
  6. Bake with your kids. If you can control the sugar and butter in a recipe, it’s better! Easy recipes are muffins, bread loafs and healthy oatmeal cookies.
  7. Find fun cookbooks at the book store with your kids and let them pick out the recipes.
  8. Make smoothies! Add real cacao powder, a frozen banana, handful of spinach and a big scoop of peanut butter or almond butter (or a nut-free one) for a delicious chocolate one! My kids also love strawberry banana smoothies— use water or a plant based milk instead of juice to cut down on sugar.
  9. Don’t deprive your kids! We let our kids have pizza and chicken fingers with French fries on the weekends, or popcorn and candy at the movie theatre. It’s just not everyday. Pizza is always on Friday nights with the sitter so they look forward to the babysitter and we score a date night! 😉
  10. Teach your kids about food and the way it makes them feel. We don’t say “this is a bad food” or “this is a good food,” instead we point out how healthy food makes our tummies feel nice and we can still play after vs foods with a lot of sugar or processed ingredients make us feel tired.

Real Mom Tips, Tricks & Recipe Ideas From Our Facebook Community

Jamie Collier I have tried not to hide vegetables in their food. I feel like it’s important that they understand at a young age the importance of a balanced diet. The earlier they can own their diet and make good choices the better. Also everything in moderation! So we don’t withhold sweets but teach them it’s about moderation. Also, we allow them to mix their foods as they want… don’t like your vegetable? Eat it with your chicken that has a sauce to make it taste better.
Nancy Hartman My kids all just eat what I eat. Started like that as babies 6-7 months and they all 3 eat most everything. Broccoli is a favorite ❤️ They are 4.5, 3 and 10 months. I try to not make a big deal about any specific food.
Tracy Vang I always put a fresh fruit or veggie on their plate and if we have a bad day we all get a smoothie for a healthy treat!
Ileana Pamela I always try to go by that my plate guide but sometimes it is so hard to get all down in each meal.
Alyssa Bania Smoothies or turkey meatballs (ground turkey, shredded veggies, oatmeal, bread crumbs, egg, spices) are always a hit here. I also made these recently and my son loved them! https://www.pookspantry.com/veggie-cakes/
Jamie Collier Carrots and hummus, green smoothies, banana muffins.
Laura Messner “Trees” aka broccoli with ranch.
Kayla Handlos My boys love their smoothies!
Aimee Tilson Elia Green smoothie is our go to (spinach, banana, coconut water, almond butter and cinnamon) ?
Eileen Marie We have an apple slicer/corer, so a quick, easy snack the whole fam enjoys is sliced apples with peanut or nut butter or sun-butter. ? ? ?
Vivian Schueller Apples with peanut butter or a spinach smoothie with frozen ripe bananas, cacao powder, nut butter, flax seeds and milk.

Do you want more tips to eat healthy with kids?  Check out our webinar replay with BCB Resident Expert, Adita Lang: Super Powers of the Family Kitchen.  This webinar shares information on how our kids meals and snacks impact brain development and growth, immune support, mental clarity, and focus.

Do you have any more tips, tricks or recipes to add to our feature?  Comment below & let us know!

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