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Pregnant Blogger: 22 Week BumpDate!

By Emily Savage

Meet BCB’s  Ali Levine, longtime friend of BCB and mom-to-be for the second time.   Ali left New York for Los Angeles ten years ago to pursue a career in styling.  She lives with her husband and sweet little girl, Amelia, and has a new baby girl on the way! Ali will be joining us regularly, chronicling her pregnancy life with Baby Number Two!  You can catch more with Ali on her podcast and can read more about her life here.  Here’s Ali’s pregnancy bumpdate and how it feels to be 22 weeks pregnant.  Do you have any other emotions, cravings, thoughts etc. to add from you 22 week mark of your pregnancy?  Comment below & let us know!

Hi I’m Ali Levine, mama of a 21 month old girl and I’m 22 weeks pregnant!
I’m currently laying in bed and baby girl is kicking me pretty hard on my side.
I’m itchy and warm. I get almost like hot flashes at this stage of the pregnancy.
I feel her very strongly where as with Amelia I was just feeling little flutters at this point.
I sleep with my small pregnancy pillow because I’m already uncomfortable on my side. I need to rest my belly on it.
My hunger has gotten more and more and cravings too! I’m eating way more and drinking a ton of water. I constantly crave water and ice to feel cool.
My bump has really popped and I feel heavy carrying it when I go up and down my stairs or carry Amelia multiple times throughout the day.
Everyone says I’m all belly and maybe but I feel this belly!! I’m out of breathe faster when I talk or do a lot of up and down, I feel it!!
It’s the second trimester so I’m getting spurts of energy but half that energy is going to my daughter and chasing and entertaining her so by the time the evening rolls around, I’m exhausted!
I get lots of pains and cramps going down into my pelvic and lower region almost daily and am stretching more.
It’s feeling more real that she will be here soon and our party of 3 will become a party of 4!
I’m excited and nervous all at once and very emotional. I’m trying to soak up the little moments and time with Amelia right now, while it’s just us!
My heartburn has started up more at night like tonight and I feel like there’s fire in my throat, it’s so uncomfortable!
My dreams are more vivid in general I’ve noticed and I sleep harder and heavier.
My daughter Amelia Rei kisses my belly more and more and asks for the baby. She says hi baby and squeezes and hugs and it melts me!!
Honestly, there’s so much emotion in all of it.

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