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7 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Kids

By Emily Savage

If you’ve seen Lindsey Lee Willson’s blog, Instagram or Pinterest pages, you know how gorgeous her photos are.  We are lucky to have this mom IRL share some of her top tips with us on how every mom can take great photos of your family and kids!  And the best part is, you can use the phone or camera you already have.  It’s amazing how a few small tweaks and enhancements can bring some life to your photos! 



Learn to use the camera you have

It can be so easy to think…. I just need my digital camera. Or, I really need to get a DSLR. Or, what about a new lens for my DSLR, or the newest model? You get my drift, we can feel like a better camera will help us get better pictures. But, the number one way to get good photos is to learn to use the camera we have. Not just learn to use it- but maximize it! There is always a learning curve for a new camera, especially one with settings. iPhone photos can be stunning and beautiful. The number one place to start is with what we already have. So, make peace with your phone and max that thing out!


Work with natural light

The best photos will use natural light. You don’t need to work with a big camera and adjust the aperture or ISO for good light. Just move to it! At the pediatrician and want to document a milestone? Maybe there is a window in the office?  Move your little one closer to the window and work with the light. Try a few different shots from a few different angles.

Photography is quite subjective, so keep taking photos until you get a feel for the style you’d like to create. Always tap your phone screen before taking a photo to get the shot in focus. Is the setting a little dark? Tap the screen where you want it to focus on your little one and slide your finger up to lighten the shot.

The same thing works for video, too. You also might need to tap your screen in different spots to get the best lighting. Taking shots in your house? Try some photos in your room with the best natural light. Bonus if you add some white sheer curtains in the room to help diffuse the light into soft light for your photos. 


Shoot from an angle with less clutter

Some of the best shots of our kids are of them just being kids at home. Have a pile of laundry like I do? Just quickly move where you are standing to get your little one without the laundry in the background. Maybe rearrange some things at home to allow for less clutter and better pictures. Let’s also get real: clutter, laundry and dishes are all part of this stage of  life.  They need to be documented, so it’s also ok to include those. But, for that photo that you want framed, just adjust your angle or where you are standing and watch the magic happen. If you think the moment will still last, you can also ask your little one to slightly move to another wall or slightly distract them and gently guide them to a new spot. 


Download the A Color Story App

Every photo has a little more pop if it is slightly edited. The A Color Story App is very user friendly and transforms phone photos into frame worthy memories. There are a variety of filters you can use, try some and see which ones speak to you. However, you don’t even need a filter to pop your photo. You can head to: Tools: and Adjust. Then, work with Curves, Brightness and Sharpening to get started. Just those three small actions can really up your photos. 

When in Doubt Black + White it out

Have the most adorable shot but the colors are harsh or there are things in the background that are distracting? Turn that photo black and white. Again, work with brightness, contrast and curves to find the right depth you’re looking for in the photo. Sometimes B + W photos really bring out the childhood simplicity that just isn’t captured the same way with color. 

Have patience + try to get your kids in their natural element

Do they love water? Take some photos in the sprinkler. Do they love Legos? Take some photos at different angles with Legos? I bet they love the park! Take photos from varying angles at the park. Get full photo shots  and also move in close to them to get photos of just their face, or just their hands, or just their feet high in the sky on the swing. You will get memories you love when the kids are naturally happy. 

Use some photo props

Work with the natural environment and experience, but guide them to create photos you want with props you offer them. 

Here’s a list of photo prop ideas to get you started:

Ice cream cones




Fresh snow

A plain wall in town

A mural in town

A long set of stairs


Cooking in the kitchen


Bubble bath

Planting a flower

Painting a project

Valentine Themed Photo Prop Ideas:

Order some adorable shirts from June + Grey!

Paint hearts

Make hearts with hands

Hug stuffed Animals

Cut out heart pieces + throw them in the air

Cut out heart pieces and lay them out on the ground surrounding your kids faces, take overhead shots

Use Valentine’s candy in photos

Candy mouths on a stick

String heart garland

Create a kissing booth

Valentine’s Themed balloons

Fresh roses

Clearance flowers from the supermarket- get creative! Maybe even tear the petals off!

DIY giant conversation hearts

Hold Valentine’s Day cupcakes


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