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Healthy Snack and Dinner Ideas for Kids

By Emily Savage

March is National Nutrition Month which is a great time to take a step back and re-examine your family’s healthy (or not so healthy!) eating habits.  BCB Resident Expert, Adita Lang, Nutrition and Wellness Coach and Author of “Super Powers of the Family Kitchen,” weighed in with some great tips for healthy snacking and whipping up kid-friendly, healthy dinners.

Snacks can easily get out of hand, the key is to always remember that your first line of defense is to stick to fruits and vegetables and “real foods” like hummus, raw nuts or even nut butters.  Since many of your child’s peers will carry with them packaged foods here and there, your goal is to choose from the healthier options at all times.  This way your child feels like they have a package, just like their friends, but you know that all of the ingredients fit into the health of your family.  Here are some quick tips for snacking:


Additionally, it’s important to remember food is fuel, at all times!

When we set up a meal, the goal is to utilize the proportions of quality carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to provide the right kind of energy for the next phase of the day.  Dinner, as the last meal, should be designed to nourish and repair the body while we are sleeping.  During the night our body will physically and mentally repair itself, choosing quality ingredients combined with the right proportions, will leave us feeling great for the next day ahead.

Check out these top tips to help build a healthy dinner:


You can also catch Adita’s recent webinar replay “Super Powers of the Family Kitchen” for some even more background on healthy eating and tips here.

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