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Pregnant Blogger: 27 Week BumpDate

By Emily Savage

We are checking in again with our pregnant blogger, Ali Levine, who is joining us regularly to chronicle her pregnancy journey with Baby Number Two!  Ali  is a longtime friend of BCB and soon-to-be mom-to-be for the second time! This week’s bumpdate from Ali shares how it feels to be 27 weeks pregnant.  

Well this pregnancy officially feels like it’s FLYING!!

Every time I try to slow down, it’s just getting busier and busier!! And the bump keeps popping reminding me she’s on her way here!!

Been working on pulling pregnancy affirmation cards to keep myself grounded and in the moment, but it sure is going quick!

Heartburn has kicked back up — last night I had so much trouble sleeping!  The pains in my hips and lower areas are also getting more intense!

Lots of baths with Epson salts these days and thank goodness for Chiropractic adjustments!!  Adjusting my diaphragm has been a game changer! Along with other areas.

Chasing Amelia has become my cardio and even more exhausting haha!! Toddler moms you feel me?! I tried to spin around with Amelia because she loves to do that now and had to stop before I dropped and immediately downed a huge jug of water and ate a banana LOL!!

Speaking of food, my appetite is heavily increasing! I want to eat pretty much every hour now but a true mix of stuff!  No specific cravings at the moment. Dessert is always a favorite after I eat but nothing too crazy sweet consistently or wanting like I did with Amelia. Overall, food in general always sounds good!

I’m living in my maternity jeans and leggings these days! So much more comfortable!  And then cute dresses and skirts for when I get dolled up.  I’m still finding fun ways to style and accentuate the bump as always!! Still rocking my heels even if only for a few hours for events and work! Haha!! And light makeup these days because I’m out of breath after 15-20 minutes of sitting there doing it haha!!

Oh and did I mention everything itches me now?!  Have to always watch the fabrics I put on and how something feels! Especially at night — I wake up and rip off half my clothes LOL! I can never leave pants on!

Definitely feels like baby girl is dropping down because I feel heavier below and more and more shortness of breath!  Baby girl kicks harder and harder and it feels like she’s doing somersaults too now!  Oh and the peeing, that’s kicked up a notch too!  I feel like I’m getting up to pee every 20 mins!! 😂 #thestruggleisreal

I still have a decent amount of energy, but I”m definitely needing to lay down between being productive and when Amelia naps!

I can’t believe I’m officially six months pregnant!!

Flight to NYC coming up this week for my speech for #Italk #Italk4motherhood and then we are heading on our babymoon!! Yayyy!!! Can’t wait to relax for a few days but am very emotional about leaving my sweet girl, but I know she’ll have so much fun with my parents: her Mima and Papa!

Home stretch, here we go!

Haldane Morris Photography

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