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BCB Mom IRL: Lauren Petrowski

By Emily Savage

As we are gearing up for our first Gearapalooza stop on Sunday, March 1, in Austin, we are profiling some amazing moms from ATX as part of our Moms IRL series.  This week, we want you to meet Lauren Petrowski, 36, a past news anchor turned freelancer and mom to an adorable son!  She is also currently pregnant with a baby girl coming soon.  Big congrats!  Lauren shares with us more about her motherhood journey during the past ten years, how she juggles it all, some of her favorite products and more!



Ten years ago, what were you doing and how is that different from your life now?  Ten years ago I was a newlywed working as a TV news reporter in Austin.  I worked the morning shift and woke up at 2:00 a.m.  I went on to be one of the hosts of the morning show for more than five years.  Life is much different now!  I no longer work full-time as a news anchor/reporter, and I’m a mom who’s been married for ten years.  I do a lot of freelance media work right now along with some blogging and am able to spend more time with my son—and get more sleep! 

What have you learned from BCB? BCB is a great resource for parents and parents-to-be to find the best products and services and connect with other parents.

 What are FIVE must-have products that have gotten you through the last decade?  A while noise sound machine, exercise ball, Spanx, Keurig coffee machine and eye cream.

Give us your NUMBER ONE TIP for practicing self-care: Take time for yourself, whether it’s going to get a pedicure, meeting up with friends or wandering Target alone. 

What are the top three registry items from your baby registry? Sound machine, Velcro swaddles, Boppy Lounger

What is your FAVORITE beauty products and why? BeautyCounter makes safe skincare and make up products. 

Your NUMBER ONE tip for keeping your marriage/relationship with your significant other on point? Get out on dates!  Lunch, dinner, a movie, a walk during the day.  Make it a point to schedule time together.

What was the number one surprise about motherhood? I was surprised by how attached my son would be to his dad.  He has always been a total daddy’s boy and it was really tough as a new mom.  Now we have a great relationship, but it took time and work. 

What is the number one lesson you’ve learned from another mom and who did you learn it from? Accept help.  I’m sure I learned that from several moms, including my own.  We often try to do everything ourselves, but it’s OK to accept help and we should. 

What would you tell yourself ten years ago? There will be challenges, but you’re going to have an amazing life that you’ll be so grateful for every day! 

What’s the one piece of advice you would like to share with other expecting or new moms? Take care of yourself!  Learn to accept help and be OK with leaving your baby.

What’s one message that you think ALL WOMEN should hear? Is your child loved?  Then you’re doing a good job. 

What’s your favorite part about your kids’ ages now?  Four is such a fun age!  Our son says the funniest things and makes us laugh every day.  We love watching him become a person with interests and talents and hearing all about his day at school.

What are your best tips to create memories for your family? We’re really active as a family and love to get out and explore all Austin has to offer.  I’m a big foodie, so we go out to a lot of restaurants and try new things.  We also love to travel and have been taking our son on flights since he was five months old. 

How did you make the most of your maternity leave? Whew, it was a tough one.  Our son was colicky and cried A LOT.  It was definitely different than I expected it to be.  We got out on walks often which was really good for all of us. 

Favorite parenting/momlife/childhood quote: “The funny thing about kids is, they are the reason we lose it and the reason we hold it together.”   

Most embarrassing thing your child(ren) has ever done in public: Our son was definitely that baby that screamed and cried on an entire flight.

Top 5 fave IG handles to follow: @halfbakedharvest, @darcybenincosa, @lisa_allen, @oliviarink, @everydayparisian

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