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BCB Loves: Favorite Binge-Worthy TV Shows

By Emily Savage

Whether your on maternity leave, the kids are asleep or your significant other is out, there is nothing better than finding a binge-worthy TV show!  This week, Team BCB weighs in with our top TV recommendations- and yes, many of us are guilty of zoning out to TV so bad it’s good!  No matter what your viewing pleasure, we have a top pick for you!  

  1. Lindsay P, BCB Founder and CEO: Younger and The Bold Type  Both shows take me back to my life pre-kids and pre-marriage.  I love my life now, but every now and then it’s fun to revisit the past.  Both take place in the world of publishing.  Both have great casts.  Both have lots of eye candy.  If I had to choose one, it would be The Bold Type—these three girls navigating their 20s while working at a Cosmopolitan-type magazine hits close to home as a former Hearst employee myself.  Everything about these two shows make them worth watching.
  2. Robin, BCB Austin Market Leader: Parenthood  When I was on maternity leave with my first baby, I was not enjoying my new sudden lifestyle change of being home so often. A few friends suggested Parenthood and I decided to embrace staying home and watched the whole series during my leave with my baby asleep on my chest. It was a great show but the memories of that precious fleeting time make it my favorite.
  3. Lorin, BCB LA Market Leader: OZARK on Netflix!  Jason Bateman is such a great actor and can play anything from comedy to something as dark and twisted as his character in Ozark. I’ve always had a crush on him too! We binged the first two seasons and can’t wait for Season three coming out on March 27!
  4. Jill, BCB Chicago Market Leader: Mad Men It’s tough to answer anything but the Housewives franchises, but Mad Men deserves all the accolades it’s received. Between the set-design, acting, and dreamy clothing, I could watch it over and over.
  5. Jesse, BCB Twin Cities Market Leader: I’m Sorry  Andrea Savage is a hilarious, somewhat raunchy, female comedian who kills it in this show, streaming on Netflix. I can sit and watch this show alone or with my husband and get some great laughs about life as a mother, wife, and woman.
  6. Abbe, BCB Events Director: I wouldn’t dare just choose one.  BRAVO – the network that feeds my soul, lifts me up when I’m down, and reminds me that I never want to be a real housewife.  The best escape from reality.  All of it. Ok but to give an answer, my mood today votes Below Deck.
  7. Nicole S, BCB Partnerships: I’m a huge Bravo Fan and I love Below Deck. I think it’s because I got my career start in the hospitality industry so I know what the Interior Crew is going through. I’m always analyzing how they treat the guests, their level of service and, of course, I get sucked into all the crew drama……reminds me of my college intern days!
  8. Emily, BCB Digital Content Manager: I love it when I find a good binge-worthy TV show!  I have many but anything on BRAVO like Southern Charm or Below Deck are always good standbys!  I have been eagerly waiting for Ozark to return too!
  9. Jacqueline, BCB Chicago Western Burbs Market Leader: Friends An oldie but a goodie and no matter how many times I’ve seen the episodes, they still make me laugh!
  10. Christina, BCB National Market Leader: Total Bellas WWE wrestling twins Brie and Nikki Bella are hilarious in their own reality show. I’ve still never watched a minute of WWE, but I love these two and their humor!
  11. Catherine, BCB LA Market Leader: Loved Mrs. Maisel and The Morning Show over the holidays! My hubby and I often like different shows, but we both enjoyed watching these. Both shows definitely kept us interested and gave us topics to discuss.
  12. Rebeca, BCB Market Leader Manager: Stumptown I love this funny detective show! I am all about following a show with a woman who can be both brilliant and strong AND a hot mess at the same time. Talk about speaking my language!
  13. Katie, BCB Director of Business Development and Special Events: Currently working my way through West Wing. I recently also re-watched Brothers and Sisters and remembered how great that show is!
  14. Brittany, BCB Nashville Market Leader: Currently my favorite binge worthy TV show is The Crown on Netflix. I love learning all of the history and seeing the “behind the scenes” of the British Monarch.
  15. Lindsay F, BCB Sponsorship Director: This is Us I live for Tuesday nights – one of the few shows I will sit through commercials for!
  16. Lindsay K, BCB Chicago Northshore Market Leader: Cheer, the Netflix docu-series. So inspirational! Or 90 Day Fiancé, it’s so bad it’s addicting. (and for those of you keeping track, yes, this is our 3rd “Lindsay” on staff!)
  17. Bree, BCB Tampa Market Leader: Survivor This is our couple go-to “show.” The combination of people from all different backgrounds trying to live with and outwit one another is also to watch. This is a show where you know to  always expect the unexpected.

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