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We’ve Got You Covered: Keep Your Kids Busy During COVID-19

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Most of us are still in shock about the turn of events leading up to COVID-19.  This pandemic has left many of us housebound, our kids out of school, and us left to entertain and educate.  At the same time, many of us are worrying about our own jobs and getting them done.  Or just finding enough to fill the time during the day.  Together our team is pulling together ideas of things to do, apps to check out, and amazing items you can order in a pinch on Amazon Prime to stay busy.  We’ll be coming to you all week with ideas for you and your family.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Scavenger Hunt

This can be done time and time again, changed up, done indoors or out, with or without parental help. You can have prizes or make them earn something special for after the COVID-19 nightmare is over. A few of our favorite scavenger hunt ideas:

        • Picture scavenger hunt (best for older kids) have them use your phone or a tablet and they have to take pictures of the items or situations you present to them.
        • Let’s Go for a Walk: Make a list of items and walk around the neighborhood, the kids have to keep their eyes peeled and you can check them off along the way.
        • Spring Scavenger Hunt: The seasons are changing, make a list of “spring things” and have the kids find and look out for them.
        • Newspaper Scavenger Hunt: Get a newspaper and make a list of the things that they have to find. (Great for learning letters, words, numbers, etc. and for an indoor activity)
        • Color Scavenger Hunt: Great for younger kids and early learners. This is something you can do together.
        • Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of hard to find items and have them go at it (maybe you’ll be able to get some work done!)

Check out our Instagram TEMPLATES highlight and take a screen grab of some of our favorites.


They come in all shapes and sizes and at appropriate levels for all ages. Don’t have any at home. Amazon Prime can deliver OR you can make a quick Target run.

Make music videos or just have a plain old fashioned dance party.

We’re not talking Tik Tok. Have them put on their favorite music, get some costumes and video them doing their favorite dances.

Start on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Crafts

Take out a list of craft supplies and help your kids make something for your significant other. A few ideas include:

        • Homemade picture frame (and find your favorite pictures to put in it!)
        • Make a picture album. (This could also be a great time to organize those old pictures!)
        • Take an old jar and make a snow globe.
        • Make flowers! Use felt, construction paper, tissue paper, get creative.
        • Make pictures using your kids’ hands.

Play games!

Go back to basics. Many of our kids haven’t been exposed to some of the classic games of our childhood because they are so scheduled, and so tech focused. Some ideas include:

        • Card game classics: Go Fish, Crazy 8s, War and Old Maid
        • Outdoor classics: Hop scotch, Red Light Green Light, Hide and Seek, Kick the Can, Mother May I?. Simon Says, Freeze Dance
        • Classic Board Games: If you don’t have these, you can always order on Amazon Prime! Monopoly Junior, Rummicub, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Pictionary.


        • Build a fort
        • Memory Games
        • I spy (we realize this can only last so long, but in a pinch…)
        • Bake with your kids
        • Prep for and cook dinner together. If you think about it, this can be a couple hours easily accounted for.
        • Kids Yoga

Stay tuned for for more the Bump Club and Beyond Team.  We’ll be providing you many ideas for things to do over the next few weeks when we’re home with our kids right here. Check it out for ways to keep busy, Amazon Prime haul for keeping kids entertained, 101 Movies for Parents, online activities, virtual fitness and MORE!  We’ll be updating our ideas for you and your family daily. 

Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook  for more ideas as we navigate both COVID-19 AND parenthood together.

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