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Baby’s First Pediatrician Visit

By Emily Savage

 Believe us – there can be a lot going on in the hospital room after birth, and if you thought “pregnancy brain” was a real thing, “mommy brain” can be even worse!  A few days after taking your baby home, you’ll have your first appointment with the pediatrician. With so much going on, Team BCB has prepared a list of questions you may want to consider asking your pediatrician during that first appointment.  

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  1. What are your hours? This might seem silly, but this information is important to know in case your child has an emergency such as a high fever or  is sick.  Some pediatricians are open on Saturdays or have late night hours. If they don’t have extended hours it is good to ask their recommendations on any after hours pediatric walk-in clinics so you can be prepared.
    -Bree M, BCB Tampa Market Leader
  2. When should we start tummy time and how? Especially in very early days, this information is important to discuss (with my first, we didn’t realize we should start regular tummy time sessions SO soon, and he ended up needing PT for Torticollis). With my second, we did some form of tummy time starting on day two.
    -Nicole S, BCB Denver Market Leader
  3. Do you have contact info for a preferred lactation specialist and sleep consultant that I can keep on hand in case we need them (rather than scrambling for this info when you are really in a bind). If you have other specialists you’re thinking you might need to have on call, ask about them too!
    -Nicole S, BCB Denver Market Leader
  4. When SHOULD I be concerned…instead of being nervous about every little thing!  Especially as a first time parent, you don’t know what you don’t know and that first low-grade fever or unusual sound has potential to send you into a tailspin.  Having a list of some common issues that do require attention can be helpful to set minds at ease when every day common things pop up…as they often do with newborns (and kids in general).
    -Lindsay K, BCB Chicago Northshore Market Leader
  5. What are the pros and cons of feeding on demand vs following a feeding schedule and do you recommend breast vs. bottle or a combination?  Breastfeeding in general does not always come easy and can bring a whole host of emotions for new moms so it can be helpful to have some recommended tips on hand before you start.
    -Jacqueline, BCB Chicago Western Burbs Market Leader
  6. Are my babies getting enough from my breastfeeding? As a breastfeeding mom, I was always concerned if my babies were getting enough milk.  I didn’t realize there are places you can bring your baby to weigh them, free of charge.  Ask your pediatrician if you can bring your baby into their office or if they know of places nearby where you can weigh your baby before and after a feeding so you can get a feel for how many ounces they are taking in.
    Christina, BCB National Market Leader Manager
  7. When do you recommend babies can wear sunscreen? Living in California this is an important question! We did not start  sunscreen until our kids were six months, but in other areas of the country there might be different recommendations so it’s a great question to ask before you find yourself on a family beach vacation and whip out the sunscreen only to realize you’re not sure if you should use on your new baby!
    Catherine, BCB LA Market Leader
  8. What’s your view on caffeine intake while nursing? I’ve had three different pediatricians for my three babies and everyone has had different opinions. I always ask about caffeine intake when nursing. Every doctor has had a different answer. I still respect my pediatrician, but also do a little of my own research and rely on my mama instincts.
    -Robin, BCB Austin Market Leader
  9. Do you have different waiting rooms for well and sick patients? We didn’t really even know this was a thing as first time parents, but it has proven to be very helpful to keep our kids safe when well and away from others when sick! We also asked about the vaccination policy – some docs won’t continue to see patients if they don’t vaccinate on a specific schedule, which also helps to protect other patients. Depending on your preferences, this is helpful information to have.  Along these lines, it can also be helpful to get a vaccination schedule for the first couple years of your child’s life just to you can be prepared.
    -Lorin, BCB LA Market Leader
  10. What is your general philosophy on childcare? This will open the conversation to talk about so many different areas in parenting – sleep, feeding, behavior, etc. It’s so important to connect with your pediatrician early on and understand the way they practice.
    -Jill, BCB Chicago Market Leader
  11. What are the top two to three questions expecting or new parents never ask you but you wish they did?  Sometimes,  parents-to-be don’t know what we don’t know.  It’s usually easy to cover the basic questions but it’s helpful and can open up a new dialog with your pediatrician and can spark some new ideas and answers you might not have seen coming.
    -Emily, BCB Digital Content Manager

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