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Tips from the Pros: Taking Your Own Maternity Photos

By Emily Savage

One of the only things not cancelled right now is pregnancy and parenting.  Capturing this beautiful time does not need to be canceled either. Technology has made it easier than ever to be your own photographer.  While it can’t replace a professional, it can still give you sweet images and a lot of fun capturing this time.  We are lucky to have some of our BCB resident photogs from TK Photography, share with us some pro tips on how best to capture your pregnancy at home!

Embrace the Selfie
We are professional photographers and we even embrace the selfie.  If the only photographer in the room is you, then you are the photographer. Get creative.  Selfies don’t always have to be face photos. Especially when you are pregnant, bellies are the focus.  Take the opportunity to snap from fun angles. You can also use objects that show the scale of your baby’s growth or capture a moment in time.

Want to Pose?  Use the Timer
The timer setting on your phone can make a great assistant.  Have the screen face you while you work out your setting and pose.  Then turn it around and set the timer for 10 seconds. Get in place and wait.

Have a 2nd pair of hands?
Your partner can take some great photos of you.  We constantly say there is something very special about the connection to the person behind the lens.  The photos are through their eyes and they love you and the baby. This is also a great way to get older siblings involved.

Props and Flat Lays
You can capture your pregnancy without being in them.  Collect items that represent your pregnancy, the baby, or your family.  Have fun playing with them in different arrangements.

Show a passage of Time
It is so easy to get lost in the 9 months.  Belly growth often seems random, you wake up and the banana is suddenly a watermelon!  The best way to capture this is to take monthly photos in a similar setting or pose. You can even have an outfit that you know will make it all 9 months.  Once the baby is born, be sure to add one holding them at the end!

Quick Pro Tips

  • Window light is your friend.  You want a nice soft light coming in the window.  So, the direction of the window will effect when that is best.
  • Avoid Beauty filters as the usually end up causing skin to look plastic.
  • Clothing- if you are home and have the resources and time, experiment with different outfits!  Show off that beautiful belly!
  • On Cell Phones, use portrait mode or live focus for a nice shallow depth of field (a little blur to the background).  This works best when someone can see the focus and make sure it is working well.

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Stay tuned for for more the Bump Club and Beyond Team.  We’ll be providing you many ideas for things to do over the next few weeks when we’re home with our kids right here. Check it out for ways to keep busy, Amazon Prime haul for keeping kids entertained, 101 Movies for Parents, online activities, virtual fitness and MORE!  We’ll be updating our ideas for you and your family daily. 

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