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DIY Family Photos

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Photographed by Thomas | © 2019 TK Photography | www.tkphotographychicago.comBy TK Photography

With so much time together and easy access to Cameras (on our phones), this is a great opportunity to take photos of your kids!  Below are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to Sibling and Family photos at home!


Always set the most predictably kid first. This is usually, but not always, the older child.    Enlist them in needing their help to take a photo.  Feeling like the helper will make them more cooperative.  You can also photograph them doing something together.  Pull out a game or book that they would enjoy reading together and let that lead to those photos where everyone is getting along.

Keep Kids Centered

If you are keeping to the TK style, you are going to keep the child/children centered and as the focus.  This means framing them as the most interesting thing in any photo.

Shoot at their Eye Level

Shooting at a child’s eye level is a powerful way to show respect for the child in an image.  You can also do shots from directly above if you are trying to get perspective on what they are doing. Otherwise, get on the floor with them or raise them up to a comfortable spot.

Photographed by Thomas | © 2019 TK Photography | www.tkphotographychicago.com

Smiling at the Camera 

Our favorite way to get children to smile at the camera is to connect with them.   Take a favorite toy and put it by your camera.  Tell a favorite story and snap the photo when they smile or laugh at their favorite part.  Say silly words.  You have an advantage that you know what makes your kid smile.  Use that knowledge to engage!

Sweet Candid Photos

Be sure to take time to photograph your kids doing their thing!  Capture them during their favorite time of day, while they are completely messy, or in a quiet moment.  You will enjoy these memories so much as they are older.

Timer mode

Want to hop in a few photos with them?  Use the timer mode.  Set the kids up and then hop in before the shutter clicks. If you need help getting your kids to look at the camera put their favorite toy on the camera or phone. Then tell them to show that toy how to smile.

Photographed by Thomas | © 2019 TK Photography | www.tkphotographychicago.com

Let them Help

Tell them that you want to take some photos of them to remember this time.  Ask them for their input.  Do they want to take a photo in a favorite spot?  Do they want to show a favorite toy?  Kids have lots of ideas!

Let it go!

Always our most important advice for working with kids and especially siblings with all their varying personalities…Let it go.  Take the photos of them wrestling or rolling their eyes or refusing to smile.  Those moments where they are not 100% happy are part of who they are as well and definitely worth documenting!

We are excited to get back to photographing children and families.  Until then, we hope you have fun capturing each other!

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